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If you’re keeping your eye on Warlord Games Test of Honour it can’t have escaped your notice that they are putting out a lot of useful information about the game.  To say they are ramping up the excitement level could be an understatement, I’m already at the get it here like yesterday myself.

Graham Davey the writer and one of the developers has graced us with not one but two new articles today, so let’s have a look at them and what they mean.

Pre-Order bonus Models

If you are part of the pre-order you’re going to get your hands on one or two special models.  The Unarmoured Samurai reward is for all pre-orders and the Geisha comes as well if you ordered the big bundle (Mark :)).  Now what’s great is that Warlord have created cards for these models and they also feature heavily in the campaign/scenarios in the book.  From my perspective that’s great as it means they are more than just extra minis.

The Unarmoured Samurai looks usable in any force and the right paint Job could fit him in with a Ronin force, Sohei or he could be used as part of a scenario objective or perhaps a villager.  I often like to have civilians on the table who have no use beyond being scenery elements.

The Geisha Assasin has a bit more of a sweet but dangerous look to her and she also has a place in the scenarios.  I like the look of her with that very Kubuki face.

The second article that graham has done is all about putting the models together and what can be done with them, have a look here.  The plastic sprues look pretty good and seeing the examples that Graham and Andy have put up on the Facebook Group shows just how versatile your options are going to be.

So great stuff from Warlord and look forward to more information as well.  If this is your first look at Test of Honour then check out Marks initial thoughts on it here, if you’ve looked at the game and need help with understanding it from a historical background then I’ve compiled a page of resources that covers the background, history and available alternative miniatures as well.  You can find that here.


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