12 Days and where has the time gone

Well it’s now t-16 days until Aftermaths Clash of kings tournament.

If I am being totally honest I have been distracted by different things, getting new website up and running various shinies appearing and general real world real job things.

I managed to get a base finished yesterday, I had massive plans for the bases but I think with time slipping away faster than promises after a general election, that’s how they are going to have to stay.

Probably another good night on the charactors and they will be ready as will my molochs. But the rank and file….oh how I detest the rank and file troops in all games! There are just so many of them, I mean seriously hoe many grunts does one commander need? It’s for this that I have to say thank you to Mantic there whole multi basing is just a genius move 40 figures no lets call it 27 in a horde and I think (without checking) that you could go as low as about 22, the base has to be the same size, so mantic movement trays, another genius idea, come in handy.

Do I think I will have the entire 2000 point army ready by CoK Norwich, well with divine intervention a week off work and a hand, probably but failing that I am, going to try and get as much finished as possibly, I mean three hordes and three regiments isn’t that many figures, right?

So I would imagine at my current rate of painting I will have roughly a half painted and based army which in a way will be an achievement for me, my natural slowness of painting and no real need to actually finish many personal projects doesn’t lend well to the completed pile. But I am determined to try my best to finish this project off I am finding that with an impeding deadline looming down on me like an overbearing Abysal fiend that when I do have a chance to paint I am making more progress than usual, I’m also discovering that not having a TV show that I want to watch in the back ground speeds up painting by about 10% or so.


So wish me luck as I think I am going to need it and that’s before I get to the tournament.

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