Relic Knights 2nd Edition is live on Kickstarter

Masters and archai, comrades and friends, I bring joyous news—we stand on the brink of annihilation. Uncountable stars and endless galaxies have fallen before the inexorable advance of the Void, and now our people tread the doomed worlds of the Last Galaxy. We shall soon see the exaltation of the new Avatar, and the death of this universe is at hand.

Relic Knights: 2nd Edition is an anime-themed miniatures skirmish game featuring breathtaking models from Soda Pop Miniatures. In this dynamic miniatures game you control a heroic Knight and their enigmatic cypher. Fighting at their side are the warriors, psychics, and soldiers of the Last Galaxy. Relic Knights features a diceless, card-based game mechanic that puts you in control of your forces through managing esper to unleash devastating attacks, gallant defenses, and achieve strategic goals on the field of battle.

The goal of this Kickstarter is to fund a brand new edition of Relic Knights, featuring a fully updated rulebook, resculpts of many existing models, all new models to expand and customize your forces, the first Relic Knights expansion book—Void Break—and a brand new 2-Player Starter to make it easier than ever to join the battle for the fate of the Last Galaxy!

The Relic Knights 2-Player Starter set is the perfect entry point to Relic Knights: 2nd Edition. It provides you with the complete rules, two armies, and a easy to assemble battlefield, letting you play right away!

This deluxe box set includes:

  • Small format Relic Knights 2nd Edition Rulebook. This book includes the complete rules to the game!
  • Quickstart manual, featuring several scenarios to walk you through the steps to learn the game.
  • 35 point, Radiant Cadre, including Bang-Bang, Mr. Milky, Miss Kaylee, and three Sundown Enforcers.
  • 35 point, Void Cadre, including Tahariel, Cupid, Mikhal, and three Dark Pinions.
  • 2’x2′ paper battle mat, plus quick assembly card terrain.
  • Two Esper Decks
  • One token sheet, featuring objective markers, effect tokens, and range rulers.

Relic Knights: 2nd Edition is a bigger and better than ever! The 2nd Edition rules feature two softbound books in a hardback slipcase.

The 112 page rulebook features all of the rules you need to play your games of Relic Knights 2nd Edition. This book covers complete unit profiles for every faction, including two brand new units per faction, and a host of new Void and Radiant units to supplement your cadres! This sleek rulebook is easy to take to game night and use as a complete reference during your games!

The 272 page Darkspace Calamity background book is your indispensable guide to the Last Galaxy and the Relic Knights universe. Darkspace Calamity features the original storyline from 1st edition, completely rewritten and updated for new audiences, complete faction backgrounds, unit bios, a history of the Last Galaxy, miniature galleries, hobby guide, and pages of stunning new art.

Void Break is the next chapter following the events of the Darkspace Calamity. War has come to the Last Galaxy and every faction must fight for their survival. Hidden from view, the maleaach seek to further their goals and consume the galaxy in the cold emptiness of the Void.

The Void Break expansion continues the saga of the Last Galaxy, introducing four new units to each faction, including a new Relic Knight and a new Questing Knight. Void Break also introduces the first Avatar, a new unit type that is a living embodiment of esper.


What else will be unlocked during the kickstarter, as much as I like Ninja Division games this has just come at such a bad time for me, hopefully someone I know will get it though.

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