The Third Law- The Rules

In my previous article I had a brief look at The Third Law the New game from Primogenisis that is coming to kickstarter soon, this is the second of three articles whih will cover the rules and what makes it different and the third will be about the game play.

So setting up on my 3*3 dining table the board measures in at 2 feet by 3 feet leaving room of the playing space for drinks and cards/tokens and other gaming bits that you need to play the game, so The Third Law can be pretty much enjoyed anywhere you don’t need masses of space available, David set up a basic table to battle it over, I was using the Combine he was playing the Full Metal Dragon, we both had five wreckers at our control.

To win a game of The Third Law you need to reduce your opponent controller down to 0 life by damaging him using feedback, there are a few ways of doing this but the main ways available in the demo was to control his home nodes, or taking out his mechs, the node method is more damaging whilst taking out the wreckers is a more easier more reliable way of doing it, although it causes less feedback damage. I have been told that there is also a way of attacking a controller through the ‘net’ and doing direct damage, but that will be for the next game I play.

The rules take a lot of inspiration from many different games and places and are seemlessly mixed together to make an entirely new and natural feeling game that if you play Warmachine, Guild Ball or X-Wing there are some bits that look and feel so familiar that its almost like your not playing a new game, and whilst I must admit a mash up of X-Wing and Guild Ball doesn’t sound like a great idea it has been blended to perfection. Some new mechanics and limits will also let the game play seem much smoother with less spikes in results, and while lucky dice look and sound great, consistent dice rolls are much better, with a significant emphasis on risk vs rewards.

Each player takes it in turns to activate a Wrecker and allocate one off three different resources to it, one at a time to do things like, move, charge, batter your opponent, etc, these resources are made up from a pool of resources gained from the wreckers themselves and kept on the controller during the turn until they are allocated out during play, the first three resources used are what is considered a normal activation but you can go so much further if the rewards are worth taking the risk, for every action over the third action you have to roll 3 red dice, and score more than the number of resources in your stack so for action 4 you need to roll 5 hits on three dice the maximum you can go to is 8 resources but for that you need to roll 9 hits on three red dice the highest you can get, succeed and you carry out the action, fail and you can’t carry out the action, but the resource has already been allocated, with a limited number of resources and a lot of actions and choices there are going to be some tough nail biting decisions to be made.

But don’t take it from me you can now download the print and play which is available here.

As a special treat for you guys I managed to get the guys to leave me with a few sneak peaks, the above picture is an Arga Loader XII, nothing over special about this mech other than there are lots of them, as the models progressed they got stronger and more durable.

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