Learning Curve: A blast from the past Urban War!

Hi this week I had to go into the loft!  Scary lightless land-above-the-rooms inhabited by spiders.  Plus no heating.  Brrrr.  Anyhoo whilst I was in there I stumbled across some figures I painted a few years back when I had time to actually do them quite well.  At least I think I did a good job so I’m going to inflict them all upon you!  Mwahahaha!

Urban War was a biggish thing at our club for a while but then real life caught up with me and I had to abandon War Gaming for other less exciting persuits (changing nappies, washing children etc) and I really enjoy it.  Good little game with fun and quirky factions that plays out nicely and very quickly.  You do need quite a bit of terrain if I remember correctly though otherwise everything just gets minced by Syntha ambush tactics.

So with Test of Honour on the horizon it seems apt that I rediscovered my Japanese Triads and I think I like the colour scheme so much that I’ll probably run with it for my first Samurai led force.  Of course that’ll mean spending some time doing it.  Especially if I intend to do some of the detailing that I managed on these.  Might even invest in some new brushes!

Hope you enjoyed having a little look at the Triads.  Remember if you like what we do here at TTGUK towers please do head over to Patreon to help us take the next steps and grow large enough to cover all the games you play!  Next week I’ll have more on my Dark Elves and possibly even another little something Blood Bowl related again… -Mark

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