Broken Toad Brushes a Review

One of the most important tools in a painters arsenal is their paint brush. A well maintained and good quality sable brush will  long outlive a synthetic brush. When I was looking for a new set of paintbrushes two years ago I stumbled across the Broken Toad miniature series brush set at Salute. I have found these to be a great set of brushes at a very reasonable price.

Broken Toad have since improved the their range of miniature series brushes, the Mark 2 series, whilst introducing the Flat series and Spearhead series to their inventory. I have been using the Mark 2 miniature series paintbrushes for just over twelve months and I have just purchased the Flat and Spearhead sets. I hold great expectations of these, having seen the great quality of their previous brushes.

All Broken Toad brushes are made from 100% Siberian male Kolinski sable, this gives the brush a wonderful soft action whilst maintaining a strong snap too. The bristle head has a good belly to hold an ample amount of paint; a sharp point which holds true from start to finish when painting. The varnished wood handles give a good comfortable grip and is well-balanced allowing for hours of enjoyable painting.  All three types of brush come in sizes 2, 1, 0 and 000; they are supplied with a protective plastic sleeve and a handy guide on how to care for and maintain them to achieve the best from the brush.


The Miniature series Mark 2 has a great point and belly reservoir to the bristles giving the precision needed for fine detail, as well as a good supply of paint for blending. The size 1 is my main workhorse brush, with the size 0 for smaller intricate details. The points on the brushes are so good I have been able to use a size 1 to paint detailed eyes on a 28mm model.

The Flat brush series is aimed towards painting larger flat areas and developing layering, it has a shorter flat head which allows a large belly reservoir to hold ample amounts of paint. This brush also lends itself to applying washes to larger areas giving better coverage of wash coupled with great control. I found that even with prolonged use these brushes kept their shape with no splitting or stray bristles.

The Spearhead set is aimed towards blending and glazing on larger areas where the painter must still maintain accuracy. Like the others, it has a large belly, but these brushes have a sharp point for when you need to get to that piece of detail as well.

Since I have been using these Broken Toad brushes, I have found that the quality and performance is as good as some of the leading manufacturers on the market. Especially when you consider the price of these brushes to its comptetitors. Individually the brushes can be picked up here for between £6 to £7, and around £24 for the miniature series set that contains all four sizes. I feel this is a great investment, at a very competitive price, for any painter.


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