Sabine’s Tie Fighter: Review

The latest release for the Rebels for X-Wing is Sabine’s Tie fighter. The ubiquitous TIE fighter was one of the Empire’s most common symbols of oppression. When one of these nimble crafts fell into the hands of Rebel saboteur and artist Sabine Wren, she knew exactly how to customize it for use against the Empire. Brilliantly repainted and retooled, the TIE fighter from the Sabine’s TIE Fighter Expansion Pack for X-Wing™ comes with four unique ship cards and six upgrades, including the Sabine’s Masterpiece Title, which allows your Rebels to outfit the ship with crew and illicit upgrades.

Sabine’s Tie pack comes with 5 upgrade cards, 4 Ship Cards and a Condition card, which we will look at slightly later but first we will look at the first Upgrade Card which is a Title, Sabine’s Masterpiece. A unique TIE Fighter & Rebel only Title, this 1 point card gives you a Crew and Illicit slots (only the second non-scum Illicit slot to be announced since the upgrade type’s creation) on your ship that usually comes only with an Elite Pilot Talent slot at most, this card will be a must have card on Sabine’s TIE Fighter.

The second upgrade is  the one that looks the most funsabines-masterpiece well for you anyway, maybe not your opponent. The EMP Device Illicit upgrade is a one use card that dishes out 2 Ion tokens to anyone at range 1 of your ship. Enemies, friendlies and the ship that used it, all will take a steady white forward 1 on the next turn allowing you to set up for a potentially devastating attack. 2 points is the cost and this card seems to be similar to many of the Illicits, meaning that judging the exact moment to use this ability can be the difference between a devastating deployment, or a crippling waste.

A new Modification that could be a great companion to the EMP comes in the form of the Captured TIE. This Mod means enemy ships with lower pilot skills than yours cannot attack you until you either perform an attack yourself or you become the last remaining ship in play. This seems to be crazy cheap at 1 point especially if you couple with other cards to get a high PS skill pretty much ensuring you can tank around dropping bombs with impunity.

Also in the pack is Crew Card Captain Rex who gives you a conciliatory Focus token after a missed attack, for 2 points. A great help if you’re high PS and in a situation where you’ll be taking a lot of hits later.

Last but not least, there is a Veterans Instinct card which raises your PS by 2 which could be massively telling when coupled with some of the other Upgrades in the pack.

New pilot Captain Rex is up first. A 14 point, PS4, unique pilot with no extra slots on the upgrade bar, Rex comes with a Pilot Ability “After you perform an attack, assign the “Suppressive Fire” Condition card to the defender.” This card means the defender rolls 1 fewer dice when attacking any ship other than Captain Rex. If you do target Rex, or if Rex is destroyed the Condition is removed, and the same goes for if Rex doesn’t perform an attack during the attack phase.

Zeb Orrelios is the lowest PS coming in at 3 so reasonably low, and has no extra slots on the upgrade bar but with the ability to cancel critical hits before normal hits and is only 13 points.

Ashoka Tand, the highest PS pilot at PS7, allows you to spend a focus token to give a friendly ship at Range 1 a free action. Something that will be really helpful with no target locks coming with the ship.
sabine-wrenThe final pilot in the pack is the lady of the moment herself Sabine Wren. Sabine gives you a similar element of surprise that a decloak action offers, with a free boost or barrel roll action before you reveal your maneuver. At 15 points and PS5 Sabine is in a good position to get arc on the lower PS swarms.

Wave 10 introduces a new game mechanic, Condition Cards. Condition cards are cards assigned by Ship and Upgrade cards that represent persistent game effects. These Conditions are almost certainly going to introduce a new level of tactical play, but only if the conditions balance the risk/reward ratio in the right way.

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