Learning Curve & Magnetizing One’s Balls

Blood Bowl again!  This time a review of Black Scorpion’s wicked Dark Elf Blood Bowlers and my devious plans for them!  Well, more like slightly cunning plans.  Including the afore mention funny shaped balls.
So lets get the price tag out of the way first.  At a very reasonable £25 for eleven players these guys are on the cheapest end of the third party scale for fantasy football teams.  A team from one of the other manufacturers can be as much as £100.  So even with the additional linemen and blitzers that a ‘full’ team would require you’ll be spending £44.50 which is very affordable.

To a certain extent you do get what you pay for though.  So these guys are in my opinion not as good quality as some of the other manufacturers.  But not to half that extent so my vote is that on the cash/quality scale they weigh in pretty heftily.

Really characterful and nicely detailed sculpts once cleaned of flash, I’m well chuffed with these figures and can’t wait to get them finished so I can take to the field again!  These guys and gals will be be taking to the field on clear bases so that whatever the weather they’ll be right at home.  I’ll be pinning them down once they’re painted for stability (hence the big pins jammed into their feet) and every base will have a magnet mounted in it somewhere accessible for sticking the newly magnetized ball to.

Initially I wanted to magnetize the players hands to stick the ball to when they have control of it but decided that the size of the figures meant that I’d be at serious risk of mangling them.  Perhaps if I get some more ham-handed players I’ll revisit that little idea though.

Paint wise I’ll be going for the Drow look so very dark purple flesh tones with black armour and white hair.  I’ll be using the army painter dip because Blood Bowl players (especially Elves) do occasionally take a beating and I don’t want them to look too battered too quickly!  I’ll keep you updated as I go and with match reports once they’re sorted!  Until next time enjoy yourselves! -Mark

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