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Hello Comrades,

Welcome to the briefing of Konflikt ‘47 Soviet Armies. Today we will talk about how to take the fight to our enemies of Mother Russia. You should now prepare to read this briefing material.I recently purchased my Konflikt ‘47 Soviet starter pack and the first thing I did was think “wow, I have a lot to paint”.  Initially I needed to inspect the stuff.  The quality of the miniatures is great, the resin was clean, the metal parts perfectly made.  So I started to think I would need to test paint something to get the colours correct.  I’ve started by building the Cossack light walker, which I really like. I needed to pin the legs and then superglue them for strength (sensible move -Ed.).  It is an amazing looking item for any table top.  I added the anti-tank gun which I have big plans for. The T-34/ZP is a part of the starter set and I would like to think it will be worth my while.  I haven’t painted it yet.

Some more I haven’t painted are the 5 heavy infantry or the 40 Soviet Infantry. It’s a great set with some great add-ons. Some of which I had already brought to add to my collection namely, the very smart man/bears also known by the much cooler name of Ursus, the scary Night Terrors and another Cossack light walker (I told you I liked it).

Let’s talk points, my standard army will be pretty strong, but the modifications will make it really awesome.

1 Second Lieutenant with two regular soldiers – 70 points

3 Squads of 11 troops of regular infantry squads with 1 LMG, 2 SMG and al have anti-tank grenades. Each cost 158 points each. – 474 points

5 troops of Heavy Infantry with 4 dual weapon packs. – 220 points.

1 Cossack Light Walker (Regular) with anti-tank gun – 125 points

1 Cossack Light Walker (Veteran) with autocannon – 120 points

1 Squad of Ursus Infantry (Regular) – 66 points

1 Squad of Siberian Terror Squad (Veteran) with 2 captured panzerfaust and SMGs plus 3 extra SMG – 84 points

I will need to add more to make it bigger but it’s a great start.  It also gives me options for up to 1000 points.  However, I am starting to think I should stop building my army otherwise it might cause death by painting?  I will take photos of my army as I go and a lot once it’s built and painted but that’s all for now!

Don’t forget to get yours at Warlord Games or any good Friendly Local Gaming Store.

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