Trudvang Chronicles Kickstarter

With this coming to an end on Sunday it seems like a good time to remind you to get involved if you want a huge RPG parcel to arrive next year…which I definitely do!

So it’s almost at an end and all of the unlocks and easter eggs are revealed and paid for.  There are no more stretch goals and the excitement might look like it’s all over but seriously look at all the stuff you’re going to get?

Plus a quick start adventure and some atmospheric music to listen to whilst you play.  With brilliant production values expected across the board this is one you’re not going to miss even if you’re on the fringes of roleplaying.  The background and art work is inspiring on it’s own and if you were to ever run a Nordic fantasy campaign then these books will certainly be worth their weight then!

If you’re disappointed by the lack of unlocks at this stage consider this; all of the writers are Swedish and the books above are translated already.  Would you rather have enough to get started and keep playing for many years or all of that plus a book that didn’t quite reach the high standards of the first six?  I for one think RiotMinds have got this right, all too often bonus stretch goals are the bane of these projects being delivered on time and in full.

I’m already backing it and I’m pretty sure it’s a good enough deal that you should at least look at doing so too!  See you in Trudvang -Mark

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