Good: The Salute Giveaway!

To kick off our Salute coverage which hopefully will have you all terribly excited by the time the 22nd of April finally gets here we are announcing a very special giveaway!  Our friends over at Project Good have given us the chance to give away some of their excellent starter sets for Good: the Battle and all you have to do is a) attend Salute, b) let me take a selfie with you and c) let me know your name!

Sounds easy right?  Well it is apart from the fact that you’ll have to find me first.  In order to assist with this I present me dressed pretty much as I will be on the day (‘cept I’ll have trainers on because walking around in your socks isn’t cool people):

So that’s it, find me on the day and have your picture taken, give up your name so if you agree we can tag you/tweet you etc.  Obviously I’d like to think that clubs or groups of you would only ask for one copy to share and I’ll have the decision on that.  If you’re a personal acquaintance or friend then I’ll have to say no too as that would be unfair.  Also I’ll only have a limited supply so once they’re gone they’re gone!

Many of you will be wondering what Good: the Battle actually is?  Well it’s a fast past game that doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Perfect for huge multiplayer silliness or just a quick filler game between rounds.  You can use any model’s you like (which is a great excuse to buy that Robot Hamster you thought was amusing) but I would recommend something large with wings, a big combat weapon and some form of bazooka because this game takes WYSWIG to the extreme!  Above all though this is a very good and easy to grasp skirmish.  It’s hugely enjoyable and with so many (22) inventive skills and combinations there of for your characters to pick from it’ll last a good while before you get bored.  My personal favourite is Replication but I know some people are terribly keen on A Wrong Does Make a Right…

Essentially you must use your characters good (kind of like energy) to do bad (damage) to your enemies but beware because they want to do the same right back!  The trick is to take the abilities that are most amusing and devastating at the same time but I won’t spoil all of the good fun you’ll have figuring that all out!  Check out the really quick start rules for a taster!

So remember, find me at Salute and have your photo taken to win a copy!  Feel free to say hi even if you don’t want to have a picture too obviously!  Until then keep an eye out for our coverage and we’ll refer back to this often so you get reminded! -Mark

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