Forces of the Abyss Rise

22 Days now sit between me and the glorious field of battle at Aftermaths Clash of Kings Event in March.

Picture from Until Somebody Loses an Eye

22 Days in which I have so much painting to do I don’t think that if I hid myself in a dark room and painted for twenty four hours a day I would have enough time to get ready! Why well its a standard 2000 point army and mine is very horde based my army list is.

Lower Abyssals Horde

Lower Abyssals Horde

Lower Abyssals Horde

Flamebearers Regiment

Succubi Regiment (with artifact)

Succubi Regiment (with artifact)

Molochs Regiment

Gargoyles Troop

Abyssal Champion

Archfiend of the Abyss


Thats 136 figures probably more models than I have ever completed painting EVER, but I have a cunning plan and its slowly taking shape although seems a bit stupid as I dont seem to be making much progress, I have a box of models in my work bag a pot of paint and a brush so on my lunch hour I am going to be trying to speed paint my way through a few models worth of what ever colour I have in the bag today. last time I did it i got all the armour and weapons done on about 7 models, which suddenly seems to make a dent in a single horde, added to which the Molochs and charactors are nearly finished (well about half way there) and the gargoyles I could probably just get away with basing (they are just grye granite after all) and suddenly there is a bit of light at the end off the tunnel!




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