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It can’t have escaped those who know me that I have been posting a fair bit on the Test of Honour facebook page.  To say I have a passion for Samurai is probably something a lot of people don’t know, well until now that is.  You’ll also notice that Mark has been getting in on the action with his own article and this is more a helpful resource than someone else saying why they are loving the game.

The Sengoku period has a lot going for it beyond the way the warriors dress, the battles and lots of its main theme’s.  But for many it also has a lot of factors that can make it getting hard to get into.  We are very much used to a uniform look of our troops and Samurai dressed however they felt.  If they wanted to wear bright yellow armour and have it laced with red well they could.  The Samurai next to them could be in black armour, next to one in blue next to and so on.  This can be a bit daunting so I’m hoping that a few links and resources will help people out.  I will update this as well as I add more information etc.


Samurai Archives – Brilliant site absolutely crammed with information as well.

Books/General Info

Over the years loads of people have written some amazing books, one of the most well known is Stephen Turnbull and you can’t go wrong with a lot of the stuff he’s done.

Handbook to Life in Medieval and Early Modern Japan – William E Deal
Brief History of the Samurai – Jonathan Clements
The Samurai – Stephen Turnbull
The Samurai Sourcebook – Stephen Turnbull
The Ashigaru – Nice read whilst keeping the information simple to understand.
Samurai Clans – Collected info on varous clans.
Legends of the Samurai – Hiroaki Sato
Timeline – A Chronological list of the important events during the period.
Simple animation series of the period.
Japanese creation Myths.
Period History.
The Way of the Samurai – A nice Documentary on the period.
Daimyo of the Sengoku Period.
Torii gates and there meaning.
Samurai Army – A good example of how forces were created during the period.
Weapons of the Samurai – Great article on the varous weapons in use.

Osprey have a large range of books on the Samurai a lot written by Stephen Turnbull and a lot of the elements are found in The Samurai and The Samurai Source book, but they are still great for the colour artwork.

To help the new players getting used to all the different terms I posted a nice glossary of terms on the Facebook Page.

The Look

How it all looks is often as important to many as playing the game so here’s a few links to help out.

Banners, More, More – The Symbols on the Samurai banners.
Daimyo Flags – Flags of the 15-17th Century Daimyo.
Samurai Images, More, More, More, More, More, More – Lots to pick from on Pinterest.
Samurai Board – Andy Hobday’s own board of Inspiration.
Clan Mons – The various Images associated with certain families.
Castle – A small Video on the look and purpose of the Samurai castle.
Castle/Villages – A great site showing the insides of castles and houses.
Armour Collection – Collection from the Royal Armouries.
Japanese Homes.

So that’s the look and feel of the period, let’s add a few resources about gaming in the period.


Armourcast – US Site.
Hovels – UK Site (True 25mm).
Sarissa Precision – UK Site.  Review of Temple Bell.
John Jenkins Designs – US Site.
Oshiro Terrain – UK Site.
Grand Manner – UK Site.
Fenryll – EU site.
TT Combat – UK Site.
TRE Games – US Site
Blotz Terrain – UK Site.
Mastercrafted Terrain – Uk Site (A few scenic terrain items.)
Battlefield Accessories – US Site.
Fish – Dollhouse scale fish.
Wargames Terrain Workshop – UK Site.
Plastcraft – US Site, though can be found in the UK.
Zenit Miniatures – EU Site.
Bamboo – UK Site.
Papierschnitzel – Online Buy and Print Card Stock terrain.
Things from the Basement – US Site.
3D Alien Worlds – Supplier of some amazing 3D printable terrain.

If your planning on building your own this board from Andy Hobday is inspiring – Pinterest.


Test of Honour – Home of the Miniature game and Rules.
Warbanner/Footsore – UK Site.
Perry Miniatures – UK Site.
Zenit Miniatures – EU Site
Reaper Miniatures – US Site (Though you can get reaper miniatures in the UK.)
AW Miniatures – UK Site.
Dixon Miniatures – UK Site (True 25mm scale)
Bad Squiddo Games – UK Site
Kingsford Miniatures – UK Site.
Steelfist Miniatures – UK Site (Does some Brass add on elements).
Warlord Games – UK Site (Though obtainable in the US/EU).  The assembly sheets (Here)
The Assualt Group – UK Site.
Westwind – UK Site.
Blackhat Miniatures – UK Site.
Wargames Foundry – UK Site.
1st Corp – UK Site.
Curtley Miniatures – UK Site.
Victory Force – US Site.
EM4 Miniatures – UK site.
Eureka Miniatures – Australian Site.
Museum Miniatures – UK Site.
Old Glory Website – US Site.
Veni Vidi Vici – UK site (Transfers).
Northstar Miniatures – UK site.
Steve Barber Models – UK site.
Wargame Transfers – UK Site.
Bac Ninh Miniatures – EU Site.
GCT Studio – UK Site.


Buildings – Big Search of Building Images.
Japanese Gardens
Edo Period 360 View
Edo period Village.
Torri Shrines 1, 2, 3


Seven Samurai – Classic B&W.
The Admiral, Roaring Currents – Japan’s attack on Korea.

Other Works

Japanese building – Buildings
Tutorials for the buildings in the previous link – Tutorials from the guy who did the buildings in the link above.
Japanese Castle – Castle
How to make Bamboo – Bamboo
How to make a Paddy field – Paddy Field
How to make a Paddy field – Paddy Field V2
Amazing game board – Buildings

Our Experiences

The battle at Warlord Games.  Report can be found here.

As I find new bits I’ll add them into this so that it becomes a slowly building resource.  If people are after anything, in particular, drop me a message in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.


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