Test of Honour; a Preview

Last week we were all talking about how we should get on with TTGUK Paints  but I’m not sure we’re quite so enthusiastically chasing down the Empire of the Dead figures we need as we could be.  So whilst we discussed that the boss said about Test of Honour. Initially I was quite sceptical.  I’ve never particularly enjoyed historical games to be honest, I have found that they can take realism too far at the expense of enjoyment and balance so I was a little bit meh.

But I do like the idea of Samurai. I think the whole feudal Japanese period is something I’d like to know more about and so I said I’d join in to paint some miniatures and do a spot of reading.  Jez on the other hand is a font of knowledge. Fast forward a week and I’m literally frothing about pre-ordering the starter set…

So firstly there’s something terribly cool about Samurai right? They look the business and in the movies are always kick-ass warriors bound by honour. The idea that this honourability is mirrored in the game was what first drew me to actually read the rules. Prior to that I’d been preparing to buy some plastic dudes, paint them and maybe sell them on. But the idea that my small force could be led by a man that grows in skill over time but can risk dishonour to meet his ends seems really neat.

I grabbed the free download of the rules and read them through and I’ll be honest I was impressed. The rules seem straight forward and more about subtle movement than rampaging charges. Getting blows in early can disrupt the enemy as much as hurt them whilst you get on with the objective. Your peasants seem to be good for removing the enemies’ capacity to move and attack whilst the Samurai themselves look to do the damage from first glance.

This isn’t to say that the game looks easy; far from it. The cards that we’ve yet to see much of, the fact that you can’t predict who will act next on your activation and the risk that fate will seal the game before you can change it all seek to rush you a little so that the careful ballet you had planned with your Samurai springing through ranks of bowmen at the last minute to win the game might not happen.  Potentially making you risk it all sooner than needs be. Will you take that risk and even perhaps chance dishonour to get the job done quickly? Or stick to the plan and risk never acting at all?

We’re pretty certain that the cards and expansions are only going to make this even better than it first seems and it’s certainly sparked quite a bit of excitement here in TTGUK Towers. (I imagine that it’s like the tower on Ghost Busters, filled with odd going’s on and Bill Murray comes to visit.) Anyway it certainly seems like an excellent little game which for £35 is going to be a super-bargain. I really don’t know what you’re waiting for click here (link) to pre-order yours now!

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