Learning Curve: Building Space Marine Drop Pods

So as promised I actually got on with building the drop pods.  I have built some before so I knew what I was getting into but I seem to remember feeling as if I needed an actual Servo-Harness when I built one last time. In fact this was going to be called ‘how many hands must a grown man have before he can build a pod’ but it wasn’t really very catchy (this title is so much better[sic] – Ed) so let’s see how I fared with the newest batch…

Well it started off pretty well actually. I’m making three all at once so cutting, trimming etc takes a fair amount of time and there are I think two key things that you must do when building a Drop Pod. Trim all of the components carefully and really press them together firmly whilst the glue take effect. Any slightly ill-fitting components won’t just look strange as they would on a tank. They’ll have a long lasting effect on the integrity of the pod. So I carefully trimmed up each stage for each pod. Then I had a little snooze.

When I woke up I started sticking it all together. This is part one where being an octopus would be slightly handy. I guess the nature of the beast is that some of the larger flatter components will have a little warpage that is virtually undetectable by the naked eye but abundantly clear when you go to stick something to it. So if I were an octopus then I could have done all three of the consoles all at once. But I’m not so I had to just do one at a time. Clamping the assembly with my hand for a few minutes seemed to do the trick though and the doors then operate very nicely. So far so good…

This though is the part of the process that turned into a circle of hell last time. The turbine section is fine. It’s the giant fins that wobble around and never seem to want to be in the right place and have to be simultaneously held in place all around the base and the top that cause all of the problems…

Except you don’t have to glue them all at once! I found that by sticking one fin in place carefully and attaching the turbine to it you only have to be holding this one step for a minute or so. Once it’s set you can put each fin in place with the engine mount pieces (the little rectangles the doors close to) next to it to hold it in place until you get to the last two fins. At this point you have to stick them both in and then wedge the last engine mount piece in-between them to cement the structure.

This means that basically a regular human being can make a drop-pod after all! And even though the doors aren’t perfect I’m happy enough to take it to the table. After all nobody really sees it with the doors up anyway! So I don’t need to create a tiny gene-spliced helper with octopus arms to assist me with the process after all. In the end I quite enjoyed building it but I’m happy that I only have two more to do!

I’ll be taking the full armoured company to the table soon so stay tuned!  But do remember to sign up for updates and if you would like to we’ll gladly take your money on Patreon, this will help us to deliver something we hope you enjoy in even better quality!  -Mark

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