Feed The Goat, Deadzone tourament 5th Feb Ipswich Event Review.

Based in a card game shop in Ipswich, TTGUK ran our first Deadzone tournament. With 14 players in attendance and 7 tables set up and ready to go we started. 3 games were the order of the day and after the draw was made we started game 1 with Patrol.


A quick break down of the forces present below shows that the Forge Fathers and Enforces took over 50% of the spaces available. Forge Fathers 4, Enforcers 4, Asterian’s 2, Plague 2, Veer-myn 1 and Rebs 1. A quick nose through the army lists show that most of the enforcer’s list had a good mix of Peacekeepers, enforcers and pathfinders with the sniper rifle and burst laser showing up the most. The Forge Fathers list also shows some trends with the missile launcher showing up in three of the four lists, but as for leaders each of the options in the book had a run out.  Both of the Plague lists had the HMG but a different leader for each. Asterian’s list while having the same leader (Cypher Prime) had different lists but finished on the same points. The rats came in numbers with the biggest list of 12 figures. Stalkers with smoke was the order of the day followed by a Progenitor with no upgrades. Last was the Rebs, with 11 figures they had the numbers but possibly lacked the AP to deal with the bigger figures out there.

After the first round we had 7 forces with a win, these were 2 FF, 2 Enforcers, 1 Asterian, 1 Veer-myn and 1 Plague. When the dust had settled on the 2nd round we had three players on 2 wins, this was 2 FF and 1 Enforcer. These three entered the last round knowing that a win would put them in contention for taking top place. All three knew that it could and it was probable that it would come down to VP’s as a tie breaker.  The final standings showed that both the FF had won their round 3 game so it came down to VP’s for the win. Well done to Darryl Holmes for taking the top prize on the day and also to Colin Jackson for second.

I hope to run another one of these, but with four games so we can have the shoot out between the top two, in the spring.  Please watch this space for more details and thanks to all that came on the day and helped with setting up the tables.



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