The Drowned Earth Open Beta

The Drowned Earth is a Skirmish level, campaign based miniatures game. Combining dynamic movement with cinematic action, The Drowned Earth provides a unique and engaging game experience with a simple and streamlined rules set.

Currently in Open Beta you are encouraged to download the rules for free and proxy using any miniatures you like, even ones from your existing collection.

The Drowned Earth Campaign system combines the spirit of the Warband based games of our childhood with modern game designed in order to avoid the unbalanced gameplay usually experienced in games which stress experience and progression.

At the moment The Drowned Earth is in Open Beta, and you can download the rules here and give it a try and submit your feedback, so the team can make it even better!

‘Folk stories tell of boiling black skies raining fire while seas rose up to break the land asunder. Tales are told of the floods and devastation, death and destruction on an unimaginable scale, the earthquakes, choking winds and an entire world dying, wreathed in flame.

The result: a timeless and world spanning civilisation crushed in an almighty cataclysm the likes of which has never been seen before or since.

Known as “The Fall”, nobody truly knows what happened. Some say it was the retribution of the gods, punishing the arrogance of The Builders. Others say it was a terrible war to end all wars, but all agree that the once mighty civilisation that ruled The Drowned Earth was utterly crushed.

But whatever destroyed it hundreds of years ago, however utter the devastation, the evidence of this planet spanning civilisation still surrounds us today.’

The above quote was taken direct from The Dead Earth website, I think it sums up nicely the back story without spilling too much detail just yet, you can read the rest of the article here.


From speaking to James (who will be at Salute 2017 demoing the game) there is a lot more to come with different races and the aftermath of years of mankinds decadence and scientific discovery. The Dead Earth will be coming to kickstarter soon, I believe around mid April.

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