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Epic Digital is a fast-paced card game of fantasy combat designed by Hall of Fame Magic players Rob Dougherty and Darwin Kastle. It has all the amazing game play and beautiful art of a digital trading card game, but instead of having to chase down hard-to-find cards with each set release, you get unlimited copies of every card for one low price!

 App Features

  • Unlimited Copies of all 120 Cards in the Base Set
  • No Random Packs (Get a set for one low price and own every card!)
  • Purchase Once, Unlocks On All Four Platforms
  • Single Player Campaign Mode
  • Tutorial
  • Online Asynchronous Play
  • Online Real-time Play*
  • Dark Draft
  • Random 30 (Sealed)
  • Constructed
  • Beginner Decks (AKA Preconstructed Decks)
  • Deck Builder
  • Friends List*
  • Challenge Friends
  • Play Against Random Epic Players Around the World
  • Ranked Heads-up Games*
  • Leagues*
  • Tournaments*
  • World Championship Qualifiers*
  • Unlimited Copies of all 48 Cards in the Tyrants Expansion*
  • Unlimited Copies of all 48 Cards in the Uprising Expansion*
  • In-app Currency (Event Tickets)*
  • Cosmetic Upgrades (Alt-Art Cards, Avatars, Digital Playmats)*
  • Campaign Upgrades (Additional Maps, Character Abilities, Etc.)*
  • And More (The best ideas from you, our backers, will be added as app features!)*

The features with an asterisk are planned for the Beta, everything else is ready RIGHT NOW in the Alpha!


White Wizard brought us Star Realms, which is an amazing deck builder game, and hopefully Epic will kick off the same way, you can back it now on Kickstarter.



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