Site Update

Today I bring you some good news and some not so good news.

So first I have moved Tabletop Games UK from its old WordPress home to a new home on a hosted server, which should give me more options about what I do on the blog and hopefully over the next few weeks and months you will see a lot of changes to the site from design through to layout, that’s the good news, the bad news is I have to do all this myself.


Its turning out to already be a larger and harder operation than I had really anticipated, one-click? yeah I will never believe that phrase again! None the less I believe this is the right thing to do as it will enable us to do so much more as long as I can get it to work, so until the next time I do a site update enjoy the same news and reviews that we have put out for a while now

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An on an off gamer for twenty years, but in the last few years has spun away from his favourite Dark Angels and is loving the new found versatility and variety in the miniature universe

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