Friday Kicks 30/01/17

Welcome to the first edition of Friday Kicks of 2017, firstly sorry its not a Friday so those of you who read the title and thought the weekend was nearly here your out off luck! Secondly I have decided to bring this back to try and keep up with whats going ton in the world of Kickstarters as I have grown a bit dispondant with them recently, mainly as there are so many great ones kicking around at the moment, so here goes.


Currently over 650% funded with 16 Days to go Age of Towers is a juggernaught that just keeps rolling on at the moment, I used to love playing these games on my mobile and really struggled to see how it could be pulled off on the Tabletop but Devil Pigs Games seem to be proving they can do it!


1070% funded is Rise of Moloch pretty much an auto fund project if you like Zombiecide you are going to love this, pretty much a sad face from me though as not enough funds available to back it with a few projects on going at the moment!


Heroes of Land, Air and Sea definitely looks interesting, some of the painted miniatures look like they could be painted better but the idea of the game looks to have massive scope but to be honest I don’t really like the look of the built ships.


Krakon Games has launched a scum and smugglers range to complement the many sci-fi games available at the moment. But if you want in you are going to have to hurry as it ends at midday today!

That’s about it for this first edition if you have a kickstarter coming up that you would like us to look at then please get in touch on the contact me page from the top menu, alternatively you can help us to help all these projects by backing us on Patreon or shopping through Element Games

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