Organising a Guild Ball tournament

At the moment I am organising and getting ready to run the Athena Spring Open ’17 so I thought I would do a piece about running a tournament, over the last four I have learnt quite a lot, both on the playing side and on the organising side of tournaments.

Probably the most important part of any tournament is the venue, just about any hall will do but I feel that an FLGS makes an ideal place, for many reasons, firstly they are likely to have boards and such already and secondly most of them will handle all the payments. I am relatively lucky to have a few to choose from.

So the first thing to do is work out your times you are looking for, different games require different amounts of time to play so before going to potential sites to play its handy to know how long you are going to need to run the tournament and don’t forget you need some time to set up and tidy up!

Approach your venue, things to look for are, availability of food and drink, this doesnt have to be on site but if there is a chippy or pub just up the road then thats just as good!

Once you have the venue you should know how much its going to cost, again if its an FLGS then odds are they will probably deal with all that side of things such as selling tickets and such, if your using a hall or a pub then you are going to need to sort out entry prices. If you have to do it all yourself then I really don’t envy you but I will do an article covering this soon.

Prize pools, will these be provided by the games publisher/flgs/local store or if you are going to provide the prizes yourself have you factored them into the costs of running the tournament, a bigger prize pool will inevitably attract more attention than a tournament that has little to no support but potentially will require a higher up front cost if you are sorting it out and going solo.

Equipment who is providing what equipment? Have you got enough mats and or scenery to equip enough tables to play on? Hopefully you may be able to find a few local players that have enough scenery kicking around to cover this problem, if not that is something else you are going to have to factor in to organising.


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