Protectorate of Menoth Command

New out this month is the new version of Protectorate of Menoth Command soft back book this book is a veritable tomb of information for the budding Menoth player for Warmachine.

So whats in the book, well an awful lot of fluff to start with detailing the culture and history of the Protectorate which I found quite honestly fascinating, it was almost like reading a text book detailing some past religious sects history, not that I have ever done that but it is full with lots of details that really help flesh out the faction and give you an idea of who they are, its an easy read and definitely worth the time. Spoiler Alert – it will make you want to start a Menoth Army!

Two themed forces, which I have heard a lot about but never really looked into give two ways of playing Menoth by restricting what units you can field but providing different bonuses for each themed force and also giving you free units or small based Solos which aren’t counted towards the points limits.

After the themed forces comes the units, and boy is there a lot of variety and history in there from the different versions of each Warcaster the Names Jacks with there back stories and the lowly troops everything has a place with a small write up and glorious illustrations! Which is followed by a showcase of studio miniatures just to remind me how bad my own painting actually is, which leads nicely into an easy painting guide for both the studio forces and an alternate colour scheme.

All in the book comes with a reasonable hefty price tag one which will probably deter the casual reader, but one which I can’t see any respectable Menoth player trying to avoid as pound for pound I found it to be a highly entertaining read and off the back off it have already started to build a Menoth Force.

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