Learning Curve: 40K and why I suck

ravenwing-librarian-4Hello again, sorry it’s been a while.  I think I’m in a kind of post-Christmas-binge induced slothery.  Anyway I haven’t been completely idle, I’ve painted two Blood Bowl teams (more on these when the bases are completed) and played a third game of 40K.  This time with my long-time banter buddy Ant who’d just acquired a new traitor guard regiment and wanted to get back into the game.  So how did it go?

So because I’m still amassing the pieces for my 2000 point Lions Blade I ran a pretty mediocre list and paid the price not just for that but also because I’m just not very good at the game yet.  Why’s that you cry, you seem to be some kind of know-it-all blogger and everything?

100_4681Well the first thing is that I always fail to read the mission properly and in this instance it lead to me drawing less tactical objective cards than my opponent from the start.  Less objectives meant less points per turn and in future turns less cards.  That was a pretty epic failure before we started.

Next is my target priorities are all wrong.  I should have tried harder to destroy his tanks, a Demolisher, Leman Russ and Basilisk all firing every turn really made a mess of my tactical squads but instead I tried to grab the objectives through a tide of infantry blobs.  That was my second epic mistake.

100_4680My third is that I’m not very good at positioning my guys so that I can kill units.  I tend to leave each one hanging in the breeze to deal with life on their own but no Tactical Squad is an Island!  They should form an archipelago where each can support the other so that I can finish off squads instead of doing just enough to make them face a morale test.

100_4679Of course my basic conceptual errors were significantly hampered by my inability to roll reserve rolls (my Terminators (a third of my force) landed as late as possible and by then the game was all but lost!) and the fact that I failed a 4″ charge with my Ravenwing leading to mass flashlight murder of the Chaplain and others!  At the time I blamed my bad rolling (and it was bad) for the loss but after a few days it became clear to me that I should have been more pro-actively tank hunting and tried to be less clever in general!

Next time I take to the field it’ll be a different story (hopefully it’ll be the full Lion’s Blade) so stay with me!  I think I learn more from losing and whilst that sucks it at least means that I think I’m getting better! -Mark

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  1. At least you know!

    There’s a frightful amount of stuff to execute and administrate in this game, and it’s so easy to lose track of tactics in the scramble to get everything done right. I look forward to playing again, but I know it’s going to be a sod at first…

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