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So, sitting in a box for the last month or so I’ve had the spoils of the Mantic Games, Warpath Kickstarter and so on Saturday I decided to pull on of the Enforcer Interceptor’s out to see how well it went together.


Now, the first issue I came across was I couldn’t find an instruction manual for the model online. I could have sworn I’d seen one in the past but it eluded me on the day. Thankfully the basic construction was fairly intuitive and I think the bits I had left over are for the strike version rather than the transport which is what I was building. So, armed with some pictures from the internet, a few basic tools and a tube of the finest glue guaranteed to give you headache I set to work.


First thing to note is that this is a fairly simple model. Unlike Games Workshop’s eleventy hundred part miniatures, this model comes in at less than 20 for the version I made. Because of this there is a bit less customisation and detail but not really enough for me to consider this significant negative to the kit. The second is that my one came fully separated from the sprue and with no significant nubs from where it was cut off. These were all removed with a simple filing, I didn’t need the knife at all.


The general quality of the details was good. There were a few mould lines but nothing that can’t be removed in a couple of minute’s preparation. My big problem was that some of the pieces appear to be a bit warped leaving gaps between parts when dry fitted together. With adequate gluing and pressure (I used a modelling vice) these pieces were made to fit together. This also led to a few gaps in the finished model where part did not quite sit flat to each other. Again, this is not beyond the ability of even a beginner modeller to fill but I would have been happier if everything fitted together out of the box. Now, it could be that this was just a random issue with a few of my pieces or a small batch but it does lessen the impact of the model as you put it together.


Last negative on the model is the rear hatch of the troop bay which, unlike it’s GW counterparts, does not stay up on its own and I’ve had to glue it in position.

Now, back to the positives. The miniature is a good, solid chunk of plastic and I suspect fairly pet / child / big clumsy foot proof should you leave it on the floor. The base also feels fairly sturdy with a nice, tight shoe type connection between the base and the stem which feels longer lasting than the GW glued stem / base connection. The connection between the stem and the model also feels good though being press fit I expect it may, in time, become loose.


The model is also large, dwarfing the Space Marine StormTalon and coming fairly close to the size of the StormRaven. Given the Kickstarter price of £75 for 3 I’d assume a shop price of somewhere around £35 which is not a bad price given the weight of plastic in it and the general quality of the kit.

So, over all, I’d rate the Enforcer Interceptor 4.5 out of 5 getting high marks for general quality, value for money and easy of build but losing a few points for the warped / mis-cast components.
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