Warlord Maus sold out for Bolt Action and Konflikt '47

Ever wondered what the Maus would of done if it had got to the battlefield? Ever wondered if any games manufacturer would make one, well Warlord has!



That’s right, by simply going to the webstore and parting with £50 you will get the chance to see how this massive tank would of done on the battlefields on world war two. Warlord has the full rules for it on the web store but at only 570 pts Regular and 684 pts Veteran, this model could make an interesting center piece for some games. An attack on the Maus factory or a surprise attach with the Maus on allied tanks could make for some interesting games. Also rules are online for games of Konflikt ’47 as well via the link above. Currently this item has sold out but the web store advised us that it will be back in stock.



  1. I’m a person that really likes to see the big cat prowl. I can’t wait to see this on the table top and conflict 47 and other weird World War II games.

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