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Yesterday the newest iteration of Beyond the Gates of Antares landed on my door mat, well actually the postman passed it to me and I was slightly taken away by the solid weight in the box.We had a look at the differences a few weeks ago here

So what do you get in Strike on Kara Nine a decievingly small box, 10 Concord troops and associated drones, 15 of the new plastic Algoryn Troops with there associated drones as well as all the dice pin markers and templates needed to play the game. Kara Nine is almost a Battle for Xilos light but don’t let that put you off its a lower entry point to the game. The rule book is a scaled down A5 job with pretty much all the rules in one exception that was pointed out was the Leader special rule but that’s not to big a problem for playing some starter games

As you can see the box set is billed as an introductory game, which it covers really nicely.

The rules and some promotional fluff. Below is the star of the show the start here guide for Kara Nine. There are five scenarios within the Start Here guide which increase in complexity from just a few single miniatures per side up to using the entire contents of the box, which includes the new plastic Algoryn, each scenario adds a few new rules and a few more miniatures so is a really steady way to ramp up your game, probably up to about 500 points when you add everything up. Also included in the guide is a construction guide for your new shiner plastic models, also there is a painting guide for both the Concord and the Algoryn. Surprisingly the paint guides are really simple to use and follow with a lot less steps than i was expecting, so much so its tempting to strip the miniatures I have started and start again.

The small A5 rule book fits nicely in the box and doesn’t take up a quarter of the space that its larger A4 brother does, but it doesn’t have everything including army lists, a few rules such as ‘Leader’ are missing but they aren’t really relevant to what’s in the box so we shan’t dwell on that to much, as the Start Guide more than makes up for it.

A few dice to play and enough order dice for the box allows play straight away, well once you have built all the models.

The money shot, the picture above shows the front and back of the new Algoryn plastics sprue, so for the body and arms there isn’t a whole great deal of choice, but there are a few choices for heads and weapons so all the troops wont be exactly the same which is flood, I love the metal models but do get annoyed painting the same guy in the same pose fifteen time over.

So all in this little starter set, whilst not exactly a full starter set, it is definitely a very nice and easy ‘in’ for a new player two reasonably sized starter forces, plus all the bits you need to get moving forward, for example if you fancied the Concord forces there is a starter force to give you more troops and some different options, if you decide to join the correct side and take the Algoryn then the new Armoured Infantry box will give you a whole heap of troops to go to war with, the skimmer sets available also make a nice addition to the forces of Prosperate.

Soon we will see more forces arriving and with the new easy to use paint guide my forces should come on in what for me is record time.
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