Enjoying My First Take Down! Second Fly Out

The other week you may remember me talking about X-Wing and my first Fly Out!


Now whilst I really wanted to keep the Millenium Falcon in play for a few more games I though a more prudent course of action would be to down grade to smaller ships so I could take more off them, coupled with a christmas sale at my local FLGS I picked up a Z-95 and a HWK 290 meant I really had to try and fly some of the new parts.

Elliot who as well as being the Events Co-Ordinator at Athena Games has also become my guide through Star Wars X-Wing, I don’t think he minds to much as he is having as much fun trying ‘experimental’ builds as I am learning to build again a big thanks to The Athena X-Wing facebook group for looking over my flight before I took it out! Although it does seem a bit unfair that he gets to see my fleets before hand!

So starting of with a T-70 complete with Poe Dameron in almost identical set up to the last flight was a place to start, although I have dropped the snap shot as I think it would be better off on a lower initiative ship! I just love the Black T-70 model and the purist in me says it must be flown by Poe. As Poe is always going to be the primary ship it seems fitting to kit him out with at least a few extra toys, Black One, BB-8, Intergrated astromech, Pattern Analyser and Trick Shot i swapped Snap Shot for Trick Shot as very rarely did i get to use Snap Shot and can see Trick Shot being much more useful, and I also dropped the torpedoes from the community build as Poe really needs Focus not target locks from his actions.

The HWK 290 was a new acquisition so needless to say that had to go in the mix Jan Ors whilst the most expensive pilot seemed to have the most useful abilities allowing me to add dice to other attacking ships, because of her ability its going to spend most of the game stressed so adding wired would hopefully make her more durable whist sabotage seemed a half decent points filler and of course I had to have an Ion Cannon Turret to try and mess with Elliot’s game plans.

My last ship, whilst I could have used a Z-95 filler turned into Jess Pava the theory being that during the early stages of the game I would keep as much close together as possible for as long as I could to benefit from the multiple buffs I could pull off each ship. Adding M9-M8 droid allowed me to target Poe so he had yet more rerolls integrated astromech for some added survability filled me out nicely to 100 points. 

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