Beyond the Gates of Antares: Dice Game

The ancient Gates of Antares link or isolate worlds across countless galaxies. The evolved panhuman races wage unending war to control the Gates and the undiscovered systems beyond.

Take on the battling forces of the Concord IMTel, the symbiotic Isorians, the bio-adapted Boromites, the twisted Ghar Empire or the warlike Algoryn Prosperate to claim control of the Gates that lead to new planetary systems to trade and colonise.


With each faction bringing a unique twist to the otherwise simple rules, roll the Skirmish dice to score victories on your campaign and claim the Gate. Each player’s round represents a military offensive that will give the chance for scoring victories, but be aware of the Fate dice opponents will play against you as they can twist your results and turn a clear victory into a total failure!

Warlord have also uploaded the full rules set for you to peruse before purchase! The set also has listed some really intuitive Dentist Games as recommendations.


  • 6 pages rulesbook
  • 22 dice
  • 5 army faction cards
  • 1 gate system card

The cards are a nice quality stock and the dice are, well they are dice! There really isn’t much content to actually review although it would have been nice if the inserts in the box were a bit wider so the cards could sit in the box more securely.

So how does the game play, well its simple and its quick, taking only 10 minutes or so for a small game, I have yet to get enough people together for a larger game, all the factions have individual rules for strike effects to take into consideration there different natures and also a special rule to go along with it, for example roll 5 strikes for Algoryn and you can take an additional system dice, the special rule is ignoring an X on the black fate dice.With each force having different rules that subtly alter the conditions of the game with out detracting from the speed or ease of the game it does open the door for several varieties of play, team games or double-headers anyone?

I this going to be a massive game with multiple expansions, probably not, although there maybe room for it to grow, is it a fun way of chilling and killing a those pauses between rounds at a tournament, yes.


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  1. Thanks for reviewing GOA: The Dice Game, I’m glad you thought it was fun. We designed it as a fast game you can play between rounds (of games or drinks, whichever), and I’m glad that seems to have resonated. Cheers.

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