Russians throw their Cossacks in the mix

March 1947. As Europe emerges from the worst winter in living memory the Soviet war machine is replenished and ready for action. 1946 was not the greatest year for The Motherland, although the German invaders were repulsed in their efforts to invade. After reverses before the winter set in, the Soviet war machine is now ready to roll west and crush the German foes before them.

The tireless efforts of brave Soviet scientists have meant the technology of the enemy is now available against them. The Cossack walker is fast and carries a heavy cannon, able to defeat its recce counterparts at distance, and the new Heavy Infantry suits can tear apart infantry or vehicles with equal ease.


More fearsome is the sonic pulse cannon that has been fitted to the trusty T-34 medium tank – no target is safe from its effects. The Germans may have prepared themselves over the harsh winter but they face a relentless juggernaut as the spring thaws begin.

The Soviet Starter Set Contains:

  • A5 softback Konflikt’47 rulebook
  • 1 Cossack light walker
  • 1 T-34/ZP medium tank
  • 40 Soviet infantry
  • 5 Soviet heavy infantry
  • Pin Markers
  • 6 six-sided dice
  • 7 Orders dice

As with the British starter it looks to be nearly an entire force straight out of the box although the 1003 point force that I worked out straight from the box needs an extra two order dice, though I’m sure with a bit more adjustment it can probably be brought down to just 7 order dice!


So my first pass at a Soviet army Looks a little something like this

Regular Captain with two soldiers 130 points

11 man Inexperienced Infantry (free)

11 man Infantry Squad 110 points

11 man vet guard squad 143 points

Forward Artillery Observer (reg) 100 points

Sniper Team (Vet) 65 points

Heavy Infantry 140 points

T34/zp 215 points

Cossack Light Walker 100 points


With double the amount of Infantry than the British set this one seems better value, but seriously the idea of painting fills me with  just a small amount of dread. i might have a word with my local Cossack wearing Bolt Action player and see if he is up for the challenge! Warlord Games have already announced more units for the Soviets and have a lot more in the bag to come soon across all factions.

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