The Post to End All Posts…..

Well for this year anyway, 2016 is drawing to a close slowly but surely, other than death and taxes, the only thing guaranteed in life is that this time of the year will continue to creep up on us.

As I the Boss it kind off falls on me to write these kinds of posts and truth be known I don’t mind as its a break from actually talking about miniatures and games and a time where I can reflect on the past year and look forward to the next year on what is becoming quite a varied journey.

So a quick and brief recap and hopefully I can get this relatively close to accurate, April saw me and Mark at Salute where we solidified what rapidly became a good friendship over a few hours chatting (at times) absolute rubbish, hopefully work schedules allowing we shall be doing it again this year. About that time Ben left the team, but we soon brought on Jez who has become a firm fringe gamer correspondent, Dave came next lightening the load for both me and Mark which came at a very critical juncture, Paul was brought in to help out with a few back of house duties which are still slightly loosely defined, John just seems to be a hobby monster if he wrote about half the stuff he does there would be an update every few hours and finally Simon who I think is still trying to make the mental adjustments necessary to work with in the team but brings with him a whole new set of games to write about. All in I have a great team I am working with and hopefully you will all join me in thanking them for for there time and efforts! If you would like to get involved as well then please get in touch and you to could end up as part of the team.

Gaming wise we have seen so much happening in the last twelve months that it would be impossible to recap everything, I doubt I could name a dozen or so moments during the year! For me the stand out moment was when the team won the Nobel peace prize for outstanding work in miniature promotion, hang on that’s next year sorry,  low point of the year would be missing out on the Warpath kickstarter as truely that looks like will be an awesome game next year when it hits retail, getting involved with Privateer Press and CMON were both good points of the year as they marked a turning point for me when two big American companies see whats happening over here, stay tuned as 2017 will involve filming of CMON games, obviously getting to chat to some of our readers has been and always will be a fun thing to do, its one of the reasons I love Salute, other than seeing some of the people that first put there faith in me way back when I first started out as a solo gig Ronnie (Mantic), Wendy (Westwind) and Simon (formerly of Hawk Wargames) to name but a few, I get to meet a few people as well as seeing loads of new stuff which I can then share with you guys!

So where are we heading next year. Well for me the first stop is The Guild Ball Winter Open at Athena Games in Febuary followed by monthly events and shows up until July I think, if I win the lottery it will be more than one a month but at the moment that’s about as far as I can go due to real work although saying that various members of the team will be at different shows and tournaments through out the year!

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