Knight Models New Releases for January

So the a raft of new releases due for 12th January from Knight Models for both the Batman Miniature game and the new DC Universe range for Batman we have Aaron Cash and the Quick response team, the Dynamic Duo (80’s TV show?), Mr Freeze thug set and Reaper.

On top of those there is also the Green Goblin, Daredevil and the Punisher due for release. With the Batman Vs Superman movie there was always going to be a set of miniatures and they are also slated for January release.


To add to DC universe Knight models are also releasing Lex Luther and and Black Adam

The Batman vs Superman Trinity set looks amazing and hopefully the casts are better quality then the Marvel Universe figures as a few of them I got seemed to be lacking in detail, the only problem I see with these is that it looks like its another system. Batman the miniature game obviously is the flag ship of Knight Models and is still going strong everywhere especially with the release of the Suicide Squad 2 player box set, the Spiderman game seems to have just faded out to oblivion and there has been a fairly healthy set of releases to MMU, and then we have the Harry Potter game being released next year. What I would like to see is a universal set of rules where you can play any of these charactors against any other, while I understand that there is slight variations between the games if they can release Batman into Supermans world surely the rest cant be to hard to work through with new cards. That being said both rulesets I have played have been great fun!

Superman stat card that has been seen on the Internet.




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