SLA IND. RPG – In Hand for Christmas!

A gentle tapping on my front door this morning announced the arrival of something I have been eagerly anticipating for several months now – the return in print of the World of Progress – the SLA Industries RPG collectors package!


The full package…and John

The SLA Ind. RPG is a Role Playing Game set in the dark dystopian ‘World of Progress’ – published originally by Nightfall games, way back in the grim future of 1993, and given a new lease of life by the magnificent boys down at Daruma Games.

Players take on the roles of SLA Operatives (or SLOps…) struggling with day to day life in the TV driven, Serial-Killer, Cult of Celebrity filled world of the far future, where the all reaching SLA Industries controls all aspects of life. A real mix of Cyberpunk and Horror with an authentic Scottish flavour!

Daruma have clearly approached this project with a love and respect for a beloved game from a halcyon era – the packaging and presentation of this new edition is almost handled with reverance.

The Rulebook is contained within a magnificent custom-fit SLA book bag – the bag fits the book perfectly, with pockets for character sheets, and the (also magnificent) SLA Dice Bag;


… which is in turn filled with five (very high quality!) SLA Industries logo embossed D10;


I was also pleasantly surprised to find this cheeky fellow;


– an enamal pin representing one of the corporate logo’s from within the world of progress!


In addition; a limited edition, RPG exclusive Halloween Jack miniature – representing the World of Progress’ most notorious Serial Killer…


The Book itself is a slick black minimalist hard back – with the dandy Halloween Jack posed nonchalantly in the centre of the darkness.


The back cover repeats the blackness, with a grainy yellowed image of several of the denizens of the darker corners of Mort, along with a blurb encapsulating the ethos and spirit of the game. The bottom, ISBN and barcode strip is flanked by the Daruma and Nightfall logos, and proudly displays the St Andrew’s Cross.

The artwork and flavour within are truthful to, and evocative of the 80’s and 90’s sensibilities that created the game – a real joy to see such a familiar and nostalgic style in print.




I cannot recomend this enough. The SLA Ind. RPG is a high quality snapshot of a moment from Role-Playing History – and I cannot applaud the team at Daruma enough for accomplshing this masterpiece.

For those of you interested in seeing what’s happinging amongst the SLA Industries Community, feel free to check out their Facebook page here;

Or if you fancy picking up a copy, or any of the fine minatures that Daruma produce to support the RPG or the forthcoming miniatures game, feel free to check out their webpage here;


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