Deadzone Tournament 5th Feb @ Ivory Goat Games, Ipswich, Suffolk. "Feed The Goat!"

At last, the details have been sorted, prizes found and we are going to run our first Deadzone tournament in my home town of Ipswich. The Rules pack is below but to highlight the details in brief it will be 150 points, three games, £6 for a ticket, spot prizes in each round and we will need help with scenery and boards as this is only a start up tournament.


Feed The Goat!        


5th February 2016


Ivory Goat Games

10 Tacket St,                                                                        




The tournament will be over three games each of 150 points, players are can only select a force from one faction to use throughout the day and can not be changed. We will be using the rules form the main book and the errata that can be found on the Mantic website. No Mercs or allies can be used. Your army list must be valid, as of the rulebook/errata. Recon effects will not be used and also secret missions will not. There will be a small prize pool for spot prizes during the games and overall results.

Players need to bring

  1. All the dice and counters that are needed to play the game, these must include D8’s and command dice.
  2. A painted (at least three colours) force that represents the chosen faction. Miniatures must be WYSIWYG.
  3. Two copies of your force roster
  4. The rulebook and any errata for your force.
  5. The gaming mat and constructed terrain from any of the Deadzone boxsets is desirable as I only have a limited number at present. Please let me know if you are bringing any bits or not.


Tickets for the day are priced at £6 and payment can be made via PayPal to or Perfect Money that you can acquire from Paypal money. click here for info on how that can be done.


10:00  Doors open and set up

10:45 – 12:15 Game 1 (Patrol)

12:45 – 14:15 Game 2 (Breakthrough)

14:30 – 16:00 Game 3 (Search & Destroy)

16:30 Finish

Scoring and spot prizes

Scoring will be as below with VP difference as a tiebreaker.

3 points – Win

2 points – Draw

1 point – Lose

Spot prizes will be one each round and will be for the first person to met the requirement for that round as below.

Round one – First size two or higher model to be killed.

Round Two – First Figure to Breakthrough, EG to exit the board from the opponent’s deployment zone and score VP’s by doing so.

Round Three – First Leader to be killed.

Other things of note

Ivory Goat games is located in the centre of Ipswich, so food outlets will be local to you, but you can bring pack lunch if needed. Ipswich Train station is a 20 min walk away from the store. The best car park will be the NCP Ipswich Blackfriars, on foundation street IP4 1BN. The price to park for the day will be £8.70, more details here.

Cymbeline Game is located in the heart of Essex and can be found at Games shows or on ebay via and have kindly donated the spot prizes.

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