Mantic have via their blog posted about opening their doors to games on the 14th for their International Campaign Day. The details are below and taken from the blog on Mantic’s site. I know the guys at TTGUK will be setting up games wherever they are for this big day.


Next year Mantic will be participating in the Kings of War International Campaign Day. Across the world on January 14th, Kings of War players will be gathering together at home, at clubs or at local stores to play through some epic games of mass fantasy battles.

Here at Mantic HQ we’ll have limited spaces available for anyone that wants to get involved in the International Campaign Day by playing through two games of Kings of War… unfortunately we can’t open for the full 24 hours but will be open from 10am until 4pm! The results will then be fed back to the organisers to determine the overall outcome.

The points limit will be 2,000 points, although please see the notes about creating your own Commander. Let us know if you will be coming along so we can prepare accordingly!

What’s more, the shop will be open throughout the day, so you can pick up any extra Kings of War units for your army.

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