Kings of War T-89 Days

You may have seen a while ago I mentioned a certain harebrained idea I had of entering a tournament for Kings of War, you can read about this and other silly ideas here.


So after trawling through what I have available and what I don’t have available, I have come to the conclusion that with a few good days worth of building and hopefully the odd good day of weather to paint I might possibly stand a slim to outside chance of being ready for this tournament being held by Aftermath Games Club, now while probably not the best idea to ‘spoil’ my army list before the tournament I dont really see much problems with spoiling at least the first few revisions of my army, if you read between the lines there it translates to any ideas and input welcome!

So the starting point for my army was to work out how many of each figure I got from the v2 kickstarter that may or may not have been sitting on a shelf for over 12 months whilst I was busy doing other things. Turns out I had a fair bit as I went slightly mad during the kickstarter.

So the back bone of my troops is 3 Hordes of Lower Abysals I might base these up as regiments to give me some wriggle room later on after testing but the one solitary game off Kings of War I have played they did really well as a horde, so my temptation is to leave them as they are.I already have one horde built and undercoated, I just need to work out if I have enough two handed weapons to take that option as a horde! 25 attacks for each horde and regenerating on a five plus hopefully means that these monsters will despite there lowly name make a big impact.

Regiments are a bit more flavourful with one regiment of flamebearers to provide some much needed range threat, which I would otherwise be sorely lacking. Some Molochs give me a massive hammer of pain with which to throw around the playing field.

The regiments are fleshed out with two regiments of Succubi. No Regeneration on Succubi which is a pain but they are stealthy and can ensnare troops so if i can get them into position they should be able to rip through a few things before dying. One of the regiments has at the moment got the blade of slashing which allows a single failed to hit roll.seems a bit paltry that I can only reroll one attack out of 25 attempts.

Troops are the smallest units in the game but I have opted for three, one of gargoyles hopefully they can be a bit of a pain and give me some flexibilty of movement, and two off imps, cheap small and a reasonable attack output, John swears by them, I just look at them and wonder how I am ever going to get them painted!

Finally we move on to the heroes of which I have chosen two Efreet mainly because he can spam another 20 dice fireball attack and being nimble and a pathfinder I am hoping I can get him into some really awkward positions, and a winged Archfiend of the Abyss with the added bonus of a diadem of the dragon-kind and lightning attack, at 335 points he is a huge points sink (to the tune of a horde and a regiment) but I have included him for a few reasons, firstly he looks cool, this is the most important reason, secondly the Diadem and Lightning attack give me some more ranged options and with the hole host of special rules he comes with my opponents are either going to have to commit to dealing with him early game or risk him tearing into the rear of there formations made easier by the wings conferring the Fly special rule I am hoping he is either going to be the star killer of my show or a massive distraction for my opponents!

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