The Mantic Open Day – Winter 2016

It’s always a joy to spin down to the Mantic Bunker, and Saturday 26th November saw myself, a slew of other Mantic Pathfinders, a ton of visitors, and a few Mantic dignitaries arriving in Bulwell ready for this Winter’s Mantic Open Day.

The masses descend upon the new Walking Dead miniatures!

The Mantic Open Day is a bi-annual event, showcasing Mantic’s newest product, giving folks a chance to get involved with demonstration and participation games, have a sneak peak at forthcoming releases and enjoy seminars and the opportunity to corner such Mantic luminaries as Jake Thornton, Alessio Cavatore, Matt Gilbert, Stewart Gibbs, Zak Gucklhorn, Dave Symonds and, of course, the legendary Ronnie Renton.

Mantic’s Studio Chief and big-brain behind the forthcoming Warpath miniatures game Stewart Gibbs!

This November’s event was no exception to the usual high quality entertaining Open Day that Mantic consistently run!

Attendee’s at the Open Day had the opportunity to participate and view the following inspirational and aspirational games;

Mantic’s: The Walking Dead

The Walkers mass!

The newest edition to the Mantic ‘stable’ – the Walking Dead: All Out War based on the hit comic and tv series.

Pathfinders Matthew Mountain and Andy Meechan dazzle the attendees with All out War!

Kings of War: Dragon’s Eyrie

The Abyssals alliance moves against the Forces of Light!

A Kings of War battle with a twist – standard Kings of War rules, but with flyer heavy army lists (and Dragons…) fought over a range of cloud covered mountain peaks.

The mist shrouded peaks of Dragon’s Eyrie

Kings of War: Big Battle

That’s a lot of toys!

Members from a local club brought down a Kings of War demonstration game, where attendees could watch them battle across 12”x4” of table, using a range of armies from Mantica!

Alex ‘9″ Roller’ Hadfield’s Zombie Painting Demonstrations

Pathfinder Alex gives some expert tuition.

All attendee’s at the Open Day were given a promotional zombie, and the opportunity to paint them, under the guidance of expert painter Alex ‘9″ Roller’ Hadfield.

Brushes at the ready!

Forthcoming treats!

A number of forthcoming releases and painted studio figures were on display;

The upcoming range of paper releases from Mantic; the Historical Rules and Mantic Compendium (which should be in good retail stores now), the rules for the latest Walking Dead supplement (along with the new acrylic template and range ruler!), the three core rule books from the forthcoming Warpath game (Warpath Core Rules, Warpath Sourcebook and the Warpath:Firefight rules), Matt Gilbert’s ‘Choose your own Adventure’ Dungeon Saga book; Rise of the Shadow King, the Deadzone short story compilation, and the First Strike novel from Christopher Verspeak!


Figures from the upcoming Star Saga game!


A selection of forthcoming Walking Dead figures!
A Warpath GCPS force!
A Warpath Plague Force!
A Warpath Veer-Myn Force!


All in all, the Mantic Open was a joy to attend. The next Open Day should be in May of 2017 – Hope to see you there!

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  1. It was a great day. It felt more professional than previous days and the stuff they are putting out nowadays is sublime.

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