Praetorian Karax Officers and Standard review

So one of last months Privateer Press offerings has been calling from the small box I have labelled to do, this small box if I moved it to London would probably fetch a few hundred thousand pounds as it’s roughly the size of a house!

So here we have the Praetorian Karax Officer and Standard blister which is a unit attachment for Praetorian Karax, weighing in at just 4 points this could be an ideal filler for the Skorne player with a few points short on his list building.

Stat wise is looks pretty average to be honest not much going on with 6 for speed strength and melee ranged attack is down a bit but then with no ranged weapons that’s neither here nor there really a reasonable defence of 12 and some good value 15 armour round out the Officer with the standard bearer being the same except only 5 for MAT. The Officer can however combine his attacks with the rest of the unit.

Looking at the special rules will see if these are worth the points cost. So with two models the Officer and the Standard Bearer there are two different lots off special rules, firstly looking at the Officer, the first thing to note is that he is ‘Girded’ sounds kind off painful but what it means is that the Officer and friendly models in b2b contact take no damage from blasts, seriously that must be worth almost 4 points from the get go, th e standard Bearer is also Girded so you could in theory have two small blobs laughing of blast damage as it advances. Iron Zeal is a one shot pony allowing models in the unit to gain +3 Arm for one turn and can’t be knocked down, a potential set up for taking out an out off position monster?

Set defence makes models in the front arc to have -2 on charges, slam attacks and impact attack rolls against the Officer just make sure you have him facing the right direction to take on the charge. One final piece for the Officer is Practised Manoeuvre which grants the unit the ability to in essence ignore itself when determining line of sight and movement. In essence you could line your unit up in a straight line and the model at the back could fire through all the other models to the target.

The Standard Bearer has the Girded and Set Defense special rules as well, but also boost the unit commanders CMD by +2 and also if the Standard Bearer gets taken out any grunt in the unit with an inch can be taken out instead, in effect the grunt picks up the Standard and becomes the Bearer

All in stat wise I wouldn’t say there is much to shout about but the special rules for both the Officer and the Standard Bearer must be worth the 4 point upgrade, granted they are mainly situational rules and may not even be used for ages but they look like they will always be a handy ace to have and one I could imagine a lot off opponents may forget initially until you hit them with it!

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