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At the weekend I received my two new starters for Konflickt ’47 and after spending the whole night trying to remember how to spell the title of the game, I am now starting to get round to reading through the rules and looking at getting some building work done this weekend.

March 1947. Europe is gradually emerging from it’s most severe winter in living memory. Dug in through the winter, British and Commonwealth troops prepare to begin the last push into Germany.

Setbacks the previous year are forgotten as new rift-tech weaponry arrives at the front line. The Guardian light walker now supports armoured infantry battalions, the combination able to deliver tremendous firepower in a concentrated space. The US Tesla Cannon has been fitted to the Cromwell tank hull, resulting in a fast, reliable vehicle that can confidently tackle any German armour.

Allied Grizzly Medium Walker

It’s been a long war for Britain and her Commonwealth allies, but with the support of the US, rift-tech advances and the sound application of the new weapons, it’s only a matter of time before Germany is defeated. To quote Prime Minister Winston Churchill “If you\’re going through hell – keep going”…

So on a first scan through the rule book it seems that anybody who has played Bolt Action should reasonably be able to jump straight into K’47 there are a few extra riules for Walkers and for Automatons but they are new to the world of Bolt Action so only to be expected. The rule book is only A5 so it is quite small but ultimately handy for getting to tournaments and games. It seems that I can use pretty much all of my Commando force from Bolt Action although the brand new and shiney plastic M18s will not find a place at the table!

The British Starter Set contains:

  • A5 softback Konflikt’47 rulebook
  • 1 Guardian light walker
  • 1 Cromwell-T medium tank
  • 20 British infantry
  • 5 British automated infantry
  • Pin Markers
  • 6 six-sided dice
  • 6 Orders dice

Now the plastic infantry can be used in Bolt Action, actually it loos like it is one of the standard sprues for the brits from BA, so I may have some new cannon fodder for two systems, the Guardian is an impressive sized chunk of resin pieces which I can see is going to be a joy to put together and the tank is a plastic Cromwell tank with a resin turret, although without the starter set toi hand I can’t remember if it has the original ‘cromwell’ turrent on the plastic sprue as well.

With 6 order dice it looks as if Warlord have the plan of you building and fielding the following army, officer, walker, tank, BAI and two squads of infantry.

So out of the box with no unit upgrades other than boots of the grounds we can build the core and very much nearly an entire 1000 point force.

Captain and 2 men (Vet) 151 points

Artillery Observer (Reg) (Free)

Medic (Vet) 30 points

Infantry Section (Vet) 65 points

Infantry Section (Vet) 130 points

+5 Infantry

Infantry Section (Vet) 130 Points

+5 Infantry

Bristish Automated Infantry Section (Reg) 150

+3 British AI

1 Guardian Light Walker (Vet) 120 Points

1 Cromwell T-Tank (Vet) 210 points

Now if my maths is correct, which would be unusual, this hits in at 986 points.Note I haven’t added any squad support weapons such as SMGs or LMGs or even grenades and everything that can be taken as a veteran has been, the list could be slimmed down dramatically by reducing everything to inexperienced, but after playing against Soviets in Bolt Action with my 47 Commando force I have come to see the advantage of taking the higher level of experience at all costs, although I am not 100% sold that the same holds true for tanks, as that is quite a points sink, to be really nasty to my usual opponent I am looking at swapping out the infantry and adding in my Commandos although looking at the lists it seems Infantry Sections can take 2 LMG whilst Commandos and other elite named units can only take one, but they can take 4 smg instead of 2, more studying to be undertaken and a full aim for list will probably surface next week, but I must say it is nice to have pretty much a full army out of the box!
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