King of the Fringe – Nov 2016

This is my stab at doing what Mark does far better and you will also have seen the rest of us are doing as well.  Our little round up of what we currently have going on our painting desk, gaming tables over the past month.

Most people will know form the sort of games I tend to review that I really do like the less popular games.  It’s not that I don’t like some of the popular games it’s just that the fun ones are often by smaller companies.

Like a few other thousand people I was recently on the Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter by Hawk wargames.  It was a pleasure to receive a huge box of plastic sprues which I have been slowly assembling.  I’ll be doing a small piece on the game and my UCM shortly which I hope people will enjoy.

Thankfully because the way the game works I can use the Asteroids I recently created.  With the amount of spare pieces I have I’ll also be able to create some sort of debris fields out of it all or even litter the asteroids with broken ships.  For me it will give the game a bit more 3D feel, it’s not always practical but it draws people at demos.

One of the games I really enjoy as people will know is Arcworld.  I’ve been doing some rules testing and development for them and have been enjoying how the game is developing and the direction it’s going.  I’m currently waiting for the pledge manager for the recent Trouble in the North to open so I can add more shiny stuff to my current collection.  Hopefully I can convince the rest of the guys to revisit the painting articles we did recently as I’m sure we will all have new toys.

Those who have had a chance to read my terrain articles will know that I have a great love of the setting the scene for terrain as well as playing the game.  At the moment I’m looking at creating some physical sectors for Dropfleet that go with my ocean looking mat.  Once I work out what I’m doing I’ll be sure to share what I did for those interested.

Gaming wise I’ll admit at the moment it’s been either Dropfleet or Arcworlde, with a few small games of Infinity.  The first because I’m learning the rule before I do some demos (I’m a Hawk Talon), the second because I’m breaking the new rules ideas 😛  Infinity I’m helping a few new players get into the game so at the moment it’s not big ITS stuff, but that’s cool as people have to start somewhere, right.  I’ve also managed to get a game in of X-Wing against Lee, we play very casual and really don’t take the game serous which for us both means we enjoy the game and tend to laugh at the insane moments.

I’m pretty lucky when it comes to choice of what i can play as well.  Like a lot of gamer’s I have a lot of games, forces and terrain that I can play at home.  I’m also a member of a very busy club Pigmar in Bath where i can get in larger games with more opponents.

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