SteamCon 2016 World finals

So whilst writing this I am watching the 2016 World Finals of Guild Ball

So in the Final of the World Championships it’s quite amusing listening to the commentators talking about two teams that are almost exactly the same, just one player difference between the two teams.

Ending the first turn at 4-2 to Tim’s Obulous, it’s quite interesting to watch as Mortitions is a team I’d like to play but never really gone all in on. I have not seen them played so aggressively. Whilst watching Tim scored again to take it up to 8-2  really looking forward to getting some more ball time this year.
Now a lot of people I have spoken to don’t want to take up guild ball as there is a lot to learn, and if you want to play at this level then yes I’ll agree you need to be getting at lot of games in, but personally I feel it also works as a beer and pretzels game as you don’t need to remember everything and play massively competitively, my Union team is going in for and strip and repaint to hopefully smash the ball about this summer, that is unless I really start to get into the Hunters team, a nice team that I’d like to play but just never managed to get any game time in Season 2.

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Season 3 is ringing some changes in but on the whole the game is moving forward at a great rate and it shows in everything they are doing, the only bad thing I have seen come out off SteamCon is PVC models, model material is always always touchy subject and will always come down to personal preference, personally I like prodos resin but others are quite nice as well. PVC one piece minis can be good but can be terrible as well, it looks like Steamforged are more in the higher end with more promised, and one thing to note is Steamforged are a company that aim to deliver and rarely fail.

Later this week I will start to direct season 3 and see what is coming soon.

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