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Well yesterday I may have done something slightly crazy, in fact it was so crazy I didn’t realise just what I was letting myself in for, it takes biting off more than you can chew to a whole new level!

The first thing I did was pencil in four dates for my Guild Ball tournaments that I run at Athena Games in Norwich next year, these are waiting for the final go ahead subject to work/childcare arrangements. I did the four events this year and although they are relatively straight forward I would like to get to play in at least one of my tournaments this year. I shall be running my Union as normal and just have to digest the new season 3 stuff as well as stripping all the models I need and repainting them as after two and a half years they are starting to look a bit jaded.

The second thing I did was to agree in principle to go along to Mantics open day which is no chore what so ever as long as I can get a lift up to Nottingham which shouldn’t be to hard, the silly part comes as the day after the event they are planning a pathfinder day and that could involve a lot of building and painting, but I have till may so that’s possibly not that bad.

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The third and final act of craziness was to agree to take part in Norwich Clash of Kings tournament, which I thought wouldn’t be to bad as I already have nearly a thousand points of Forces of the Abyss made I just need to finish painting them up and base them, then I found out it could be 1500 points, again not to much of an issue only a few more units are needed all off which are sat at home in a cardboard box from the last kickstarter, then I got told it could be 2000 points, well at that point I really started to sweat as that now means on top off my normal work for the site, I have a lot more models to build and paint, as well as getting a few practice games in.

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My final act of insane craziness was to start looking for a Warmachine tournament to attend locally, unfortunately on that one I haven’t been successful yet in trying to find one that fits in with my schedule!

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