Sunday Colour: True-Scale Space Wolves

Sorry that I’ve been absent for a few weeks.  Real life has been absurdly busy and that’s left little time for projects unfortunately and even less to type about it!  So what was going to be a short but challenging project to build some art-scale Grey Hunters has been dragged out for quite some time now.

So why build true/art scale marines at all?  Well partly for the challenge of it but mainly because I’m a bit of a Space Marine fan-boy.  I have been ever since I read about all of their various implants and the way that teenage boys give their humanity up for the good of the species.  So it’s always something of a disappointment when your mighty, genetically enhanced 8foot tall warrior monk is the same height as the Chaos cultist he’s about to kill…

So how to approach the situation?  Well after a bit of research it appears people generally go with either extending the limbs of the marine to give them a much taller but quite slender appearance or start with terminator armour legs and then build on that to get a much chunkier miniature.  I think that whilst the former is cheaper and looks great in it’s own way that the more solid and squatter figures are the way that I prefer.

Starting with Tatoros terminator legs I bulked out the torsos to fit.  The chest pieces have to separated from the back plates by around 1.5mm to 2mm so that they both fit physically and look barrel chested enough.  Any more than that and you’ll risk the arms not looking quite right when we get there.  I found that this takes a few goes with the green stuff. The first thing is just a blob to act as a spacer, then it’s a case of applying more putty into the gaps and smoothing it down, it’s tricky to get right and I’m no expert but using more and then shaving it after it’s started to cure works well for me.

As you can see in the pictures they are already quite a bit more imposing than a normal marine.  The next steps are to extend the arms by a little and make them chunkier, make the feet slightly more ‘real looking’ by giving them a little more depth.  This will make the figure even taller and certainly stronger.

Once that part is done then a bit of creativity around the waist will be required to make them look less odd in that area.  Holsters, extra knives, wolf tail totems, skins etc should do it, then ‘wolf up’ the legs a little.  Once that’s all over there’s just finishing touches, heads, shoulder pads and packs.  I think that in the end they should stand just over a head taller than a regular marine and so far I’m fairly pleased with how they’re going.

I’ll try to update you very shortly but real life is interfering no end!  -Mark

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