Dropzone Commander Phase 2

Reconquest: Phase 2 , the follow on from Reconquest: Phase 1 (I wonder if the next one will be called Phase 3?) and adds more units and scenarios to the expanding universe of Dropzone Commander


Available now, my copy was delayed as I ordered it with some pre-order bits as well, most of the models featured in this book have been available for a while, I am pretty sure some have been available since the phase 1 rule book, but as Hawks have a very good habit of releasing stuff early with experimental rules which are then play tested both by Hawks and also by general members of the public and the feedback is applied before the next phase book comes out. In the last few months we have seen the release of blister which feature not only the older models but the parts to make them into some of the newer units, for example the Njord Heavy Dropship, is the old Poseidon Dropship with extra parts.so depending on your experience and inventiveness with magnets you could use the new blister to make both, although obviously not at the same time.

So what can the cunning PHR commanders expect from Phase 2, well we have the Medusa with its Triton X transport, both models look awesome and the Medusa can repair your vehicles whilst the Triton X can heal the Medusa so a lot of cunning tricks to be had there, Valkyries can hop over low buildings and make a full move into and out of buildings which is very handy, vehicle wise there is a new walker based on the Type 1 Menchit chasis which is equipped with a variety of weapons on the same chasis and pretty much fills the jack off all trades roles, a new Angelos A2 Jet Skimmer able to transport troops as well as deliver some close support fire power based off the Helios chasis, another Helios variant is the Aether with a highly specialised Black Nanomachine weapon load out able to tear its way through enemy armour.

The PHR also have a new transport option in the form of the Njord Assualt Dropship, able to transport 4 walkers instead of the 6 that a Poseidon can usually transport, the loss of two walkers is due to the massive Stealth Missile Batteries mounted where the fore pair of walkers would normally be mounted. These Heavy Stealth Missiles pack a considerable 2 shot E10 punch so all in not a bad trade off.

Also there are some other new goddies for the other factions but we are all white shpere her so I will look at them another time

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