Inch-High-Spy-Fi in Hockley: 7TV at Wayland Games

Last night saw a late showing of Crooked Dice Miniatures goodness with the members of the Big Dirty Wargamers at Wayland Games in Hockley!

7TV is set in the world of ’70’s and ’80’s Saturday night TV and film, and features suave spies, deadly fem-bots, plucky assistants and hordes of quasi-futuristic clad henchmen!

Suave Adventurer ‘Gentleman’ George squares off against insidious robot saboteurs!

This friday night saw the Heroic Action Cast of ‘Gentleman’ George – Secret Agent, squaring off against the machinations of the Evil Science Cast of Doctor Hole and his cyborg minions.

Decisions, decisions…

The game is a cornucopia of gadgets, television tropes, moustaches, femme fatales and henchmen – and really allows for quick and fun narrative games. Both players begin the game by constructing a ‘Countdown Deck’ of event cards, one or more of which are flipped at the start of each players turn – players may choose to flip one or two cards, which cause more television tropes to come into effect, as well as raising the ‘star-qualities’ of your models… but also speeds the end of the game, giving players less time to achieve their objectives.

‘Gentleman’ George’s soulmate and faithful sidekick Barb Barker crushes a Robo-Minion underfoot, before setting off to steal the secret plans from the Fem-Bot!

Combat is fast and punchy, with a simple D6 adding to skill opposed test, through which tension can be escalated through the use of the star activation points that players garner throughout the game.

It’s all to play for!

We played ‘The Battle’ scenario from the 7TV Producers book, at a game size of 21 Ratings a side. This is an all out pitched battle scenario forcing the heroes to face the villains head on, seeking to put as many of their opponents down as possible, whist supplementing their victory through the claiming of objective tokens. We elected to spice things up, by making the scenario a ‘Director’s Cut’ and adding the ‘Maguffin’ – the ultimate plot point device…

‘Gentleman’ George wounded… but victorious against the Fem-bot and the Robo-Minion – Dr. Hole will be the next to feel his righteous fist!

The game was played in under 45 mins, with ‘Gentleman’ George and his lady friends pulling the plug on Dr. Hole’s fem-bot and Robo-Rodent minions, and seizing the bulk of the objectives, but giving Evil Dr. Hole the last laugh as he snatched up the Maguffin, escaping to battle another day…

Only at the end of the evening did we realise that Gary and Robert had been playing 7TV at Wayland as well – a mere 10 feet away from us!

Close of day revealed another treat for us – as we were not the only 7TV game going on at Wayland on Friday! Gary and Director Robert had been a scant few tables away pitching Blake’s 7 against the merciless might of the Federation!

More information about Crooked dice and 7TV can be found here;

Whilst Table Top Games UK’s previous article on the Crooked Dice Director’s Program can be found here:


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