X-Wing first fly out

First off thanks to the guys that gave me some help on list building for my first fly out in the X-Wing universe, first off I lost, seemingly quite drastically but on reflection two of his four tie fighter things were nearly crippled so for a first game I don’t think I fared to bad to be honest.
So the list I ran was only two ships and other than two upgrade cards everything came out of the Heroes of the Resistance pack.


Rey – YT-1300 with Wired(1), Finn (5), Hot Shot Co-Pilot (4), Millenium Falcon (1)

So this was incredibly mean, Rey allows two re-rolls of blank results, Finn gives an extra blank die results (which Rey can re-roll)

Poe Dameron – T-70 X-Wing, snap shot (2), proton torpedoes (4), BB-8 (2), Pattern Analyzer (2), Black One (1), Intergrated Astromech (0).
This ship was a little less useful but to be fair I missed at least one snap shot which could have turned the game slightly by turning two on four to two on three, which if I’m honest probably wouldn’t have one me the game but I’d like to think would have given me some breathing room.

So as this is part after action review, part game review I will start with the AAR first, a few mistakes with the movement dial and not really knowing the distances that each range ruler represents meant I may have accidentally hit a few more terrain pieces by accident than originally intended, but at least I managed to keep everything on th etable!

Not knowing all my cards meant I missed a few snap shots with the T-70 and a bad call of sacrificing my droid to avoid taking damage meant that when the final card was dealt and it was a two damage card meant I had no way out of it which just left my solo Millenium Falcon against all four opposition ships.

All in all even when staring down the jaws off defeat I had a really enjoyable introduction to X-Wing plans are already afoot for another game, probably using the same ships, the rules whilst at times are a bit of a head scratcher trying to work everything out there are a few handy flow charts that give you the order that things happen, and as such aren’t to badly laid out. The starter box (force awakens for me) has everything in it that you need to play although an extra dice pack is going to make it to the list off essential purchases if I am going to carry on playing X-Wing as quite often I needed a few more dice than what was provided in the starter box. 

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  1. Hi there. Welcome to the squadron! Don’t worry about the bumpy start either. We all started like that.

    May I make a suggestion? Instead of an extra dice pack, I found it more cost effective to get a second starter set, this then provides you with enough dice, plenty of templates spare, two more Tie Fighter F/O’s and another T-70, which gives you a pretty good set up for several squadron options.

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