I HAVE TENTACLES ON MY PAINTING TABLE! Relics: The Cthu have landed!

Great news for backers of Tor Miniatures Cthu! Kickstarter for the quirky and charming Relics game; the first batches of tentacled-gribblies and other assorted models for the new Horror causing faction have started to arrive in homes up and down the country.

C’thu dice and dice bag!

The models for the faction are magnificently sculpted, and the resin pieces in particular are gorgeous – the squamous and fetid designs have been realised to perfection. Mine are now ‘mostly’ painted… just a little work on the weapons, then I need to make a decision on how to base them…

C’tharac and C’tharac Infants!

The new faction is the first release that is exclusively for Relics 2nd edition, and fits really nicely with the previous, first edition releases of the Britanan (Georgian Puppets), Nuem (Flagellating amputee Dwarfs), Vattier (Twisted and corrupted fairy folk), Ridend (Chicken riding Goblin Knights and peasantry), and the Orcnar (Magic tainted Orcs, Trolls and Ogres).

C’thu Warriors!

There is a very clear Lovcraftian feel to the new models, but they still retain the fairytale quality that is associated with Relics.

C’thu Hunters!

The new faction focusses on using it’s Horror dishing out and capitalising abilities – adding Horror tokens to friendly and enemy units, and using the Horror to buff friendly units.

Shogra, Prime, Teeth of Thamos and Verparmoth!

The new range features some particularly diabolical ‘big gribblies’…

Close up with the Teeth and the ‘Moth!

The C’thu miniatures are currently on pre-order from Tor Games Here.

The Relics 2nd Edition Beta rules are available for free download Here.

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