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This months sees Darren’s will power collapse in several areas, firstly he has strayed to get rid off some things that are no longer  used and surplus to requirement, then he goes and gets involved in Dropfleet Commander, X-Wing and finally as all things come in threes he has embarked on another road that is Infinity, mainly as Mark and Jez managed to convinced him that he wouldn’t need to buy and build 50,000 miniatures to enjoy himself and have a good time.

So this is the starting point Pan Ocranial Military order starter set, I must admit having worked with way to many metal miniatures over the last three years I was expecting theses to be slightly on the fiddly side of absolute non enjoyment of building models, but I will admit I was quite pleasantly surprised by how easy they all went together, one of the models had turned up with a broken leg but Corvus Belli were remarkably quick to get a replacement part out so the building continued and last weekend I managed to finish getting them built and even got them under coated.

I think I will try and paint them up as near as I can to the original paint scheme as I actually think it looks quite cool. I was intending on going for a black armour scheme with white robes but I have always found it difficult to try and get any depth to black armour. I might give it a go on the magister knight to see what it looks like but to be honest I will not be holding out a great deal off hope.

I have tried to work out what size this force comes to but at the moment I am going off army builders with little knowledge of the game and the absolute maze like amounts of times I have seen ‘DP’ and DA CCW, now obviously I can take a stab in the dark that CCW is close combat weapon (poor pun was intended that time). But as for the rest of it I am not totally sure I got it correct, but from my limited knowledge I have worked it out as 129 points with 1.5 (special points??) which Mark explained you unlock through playing higher level games so at 100 points you will have less off these points than if you played at say 200 points. Mark says that this should be an ok force to get a few games under my belt and learn the basics of the game, whilst Jez thinks I am going to struggle a bit due to the low amount of orders I will have.
So I got a game in against my flgs last week, just a few basic guys mainly just to get a few the main rules down. Movement, reactive orders, shooting, reactive orders, close combat and more reactive orders, I have seriously never rolled so many dice in my opponents turn! To begin with it seemed so weird and disruptive to the flow off the game, but after a few goes it actually seemed rather intuitive, and realistic. Now I’m not pretending to understand exactly what was going on it did seem an easy game to slip into, the only challenge seems to be not slipping to deep. Now just to get a few models built and a few more painted.

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