The Great Bear Roars on- Season 3 previews

You’ve come for tidings of the Great Bear? The champion of the north? Well, he’s changed. He’s stronger now. Which is better for us, at least. Not so much for those puling maggots in the southlands, eh? All weak, pink, and soft, ha!? Ah, those southerners. All so interested in their little politics and their silly games, none of them with half an eye to spare for the things that matter; the growing trees, the sap in all living things, the first frost of winter.

Pah. Well, traveller, settle in, grab a drink, and let’s see how Seenah has changed…

When Steamforged first designed Seenah, we wanted him to be, well, a bear. A big beast of a bear, perfectly willing and able to rip his enemies limb from limb. Whilst they certainly achieved that, and plenty of players have since fallen to the Great Bear, in Season 3 there is an opportunity to further enhance his unique character, and make it even more fun to play him. Keeping Seenah as an absolute monster in terms of damage output (and keep his 21 boxes of Tough Hide!), but they knew that he could be pushed into even more fearsome territory, just as a player like the Great Bear should be.

Seenah Front.jpgSeenah Back .jpg

The first thing you’ll notice is that his Playbook has been shortened and changed. He’s now more likely to wrap, and he hits a momentous [2] DMG result on column 3 now, as opposed to having to wait until column 5 for higher than [1] momentous damage. That’s pretty scary, and definitely something which makes him instantly more appealing to Hunter coaches!

He has also gained a new Character Trait, called Intimidating Roar. This means that if the enemy team try to engage Seenah, he can Push a model away at the start of his activation. This ability makes him much more likely to be able to make use of Furious, allowing him to Charge for free – not only is Seenah’s damage output now higher, but he’s much harder for an opponent to control, making him much more of a terrifying enemy on the pitch!

The final change is that Mob Favourite has become part of Bear Hug. We really wanted to simulate a sense of a grand finishing move, Seenah crushing his bloody opponents whilst the crowds roar their approval from the stands. The answer was to fold these two rules together, to create a brutal finale to the Great Bear’s attacks.

So, you can see the ways in which SteamForged  pushed Seenah’s damage output up and helped him disengage himself, deliberately strengthening his strong points whilst still preserving the flavour of the model. An easy thing to do would be to simply have given him [+1/+0] INF – but that change would have done little to preserve the uniqueness of the player. Sometimes when we design a model, it does need to be DEF [4+] ARM [1], or [2/4] INF, because those are reliable values that work. Sometimes, however, you can make attribute values that are much more characterful and interesting for those key players that are a little bit different to the rest – and Seenah is a great example of that.

I will try aand keep up with more season 3 spoilers as they happen 

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