Suicide Squad Unboxing!

So I finally received my copy of the Suicide Squad starter box.  It’s big, it’s bright and it is exciting.  It has loads of goodies and I’m so pleased I pre-ordered it!

So I’m a total n00b when it comes to the Batman Miniatures Game from Knight Models but I have played and really enjoyed the Marvel Universe game.  This appears to be a very different beast indeed but more on that later.

OK so as I said the box is big and it’s bright.  It’s also heavy which is normally a good sign!  Opening the lid you’ll realise that you’ve got quite a significant amount of cardboard.  Most of that is the fantastically detailed buildings but there’s also a good amount of counters and even some natty little lamp posts.

Then there are the rules, 15 character cards (1 is the Batman one so don’t expect it if you don’t get a pre-order copy) all of which are colour coded to be Joker (green) and Suicide Squad (pink)  Harley’s is even half and half which is cool.  The rulebook is a handy size to lug around to events and still contains all of the main rules.  You will need to buy The Flash & The Arrow to complete the rules but I think that’s fair enough.

Finally we get the super cool dice and all those figures, all neatly packed up in a neon pink tray.  As usual the figures are great, pretty true to the subject matter and a quick scan hasn’t shown any defects or mould lines.

I have started to read the rules and it’s pretty obvious that there are some technical things that you need to wrap your head around in order to get the most out of the movement and activations of your figures which makes it more clearly an event game than the Marvel version.  I think my advice for fellow n00bs is to take it slow and have fun with it until you have the basics nailed down!

All in all I would say that this was one of my favourite purchases of the year and I haven’t even started gluing the figures together!  Of course it’s early doors so we’ll have to wait for a full run down but stick around for Sunday Colours dedicated to the box and future battle reports and (maybe) events? -Mark


    • Nope, some more scenery especially low level bits and bobs would be nice. A tape measure with cm on it. A friend?
      Beyond that it’s all just oh that would be nice to have stuff!

    • Actually a few extra dice/counters are probably a necessity. And whilst I’m not any kind of expert it seems that more lamp posts and man hole covers would be nice.
      Like a lot of starter sets I suppose. It does enough whilst leaving you wanting more!

  1. So tempted by this. I love batman and minis games so what’s not to like? Once my walking dead fever dies down a bit i’ll probably go for it.

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