Frostgrave Day @ Wargames Illustrated HQ

Wargames Illustrated will be hosting another of their games related days at WI HQ. This time Frostgrave is the game of choice and Saturday the 14th of Jan 2017 is the date of choice. Details are below taken from WI’s website, so if you want to get your face in to the pages of this staple of wargames reading, pop over to their web store to get your tickets.




Frostgrave Day Saturday 14th January 2017
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In the dark, grim, Northern part of the Frozen City, you can find the majority of the city’s temples and cathedrals, the area known as The Hallowed. This area is full of ancient treasures, the arcane lore of the Gods and Demi-Gods, plus the more earthly treasures once offered in sacrifice. Yet for many wizards, it is the lure of the ability to create Pacts with beings from beyond reality, using True Names and other means, that is the main focus, for who would not want to harness the power of the angels and demons? But such beings seek to guard themselves from interlopers, using both mortal worshippers and more fantastical creatures as guardians. As always, fame, fortune and glory await those who dare to explore ruined Felstad – and an untimely death lurks around every corner…

Dare you sign up to use your Wizards and Warbands to delve into the Frozen City once more, taking on new demonic foes and their barbarian worshippers, as detailed in the Forgotten Pacts supplement? All players should arrive with a newly created Warband and will have the chance to take part in a series of games where they can either prosper or perish, whilst avoiding the attentions of The Fallen One and his minions. Excitement, adventure and really, really wild things await!


Wargames Illustrated/Battlefront Europe
Unit 4C
Tissington Close

Please find attached a map that will help when you are close by.


Nottingham city centre has a range of hotels to suit most budgets. If you would like to stay within a stone’s-throw of the venue (we are about six miles from the centre of Nottingham), check out The Village hotel


We will be covering the day for WI magazine, please note you may be seen in photos and video taken on the day. We may also be providing some material for use by Osprey Games and North Star Military Hobbies, our generous sponsors.

We are looking for several players to tell us how their preparation and day panned out. If you would be interested in writing a small report on the creation of your Warband and how it performed on the day, please let us know.


The Frostgrave Day is not a tournament. It is instead a Campaign Day set within the world of the Frozen City of Felstad as outlined in the rulebook and supplements. We are hoping for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You will note that the timetable is not ‘packed’ and you will not be rushed from table to table.

We look forward to welcoming you to WIHQ and promise you a Devil of a time!

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